The Best Car Detailing Tools in 2021

Do you have a car you love to keep clean? Or does your motor need a little TLC? You might hear the term car-detailing, and wonder how it applies to your vehicle. Car detailing is the comprehensive cleaning of your car to achieve the best paintwork and bodywork for your auto. 

There are a number of tools available to do this. Here, we review some of the essential tools for car detailing.

The Best Shampoo: Chemical Guys Mr Pink Super Suds

Cars get dirty, and as we all know it’s not even legal in the US to drive with an unreadable number plate. The best shampoo on the market is Chemical Guys Mr Pink Super Suds. As it says on the tin, the foam this makes is pretty immense. 

This pH-neutral and smooth wash protects from potential scratch damage and is suitable with foam washers and power washers. Create that auto car-wash experience with one simple shampoo. Car detailing begins with a simple wash to give your paintwork that extra shine.

The Top Pressure Washer: The Karcher K7

The Karcher K7 Premium Full Control Pressure Washer is a must-have for car-enthusiats. The earlier K5 model is available if you’re looking for a cheaper price, but the K7 is the latest on the market. Why do we love it? 

Not only can you also use it for your decking and patio, it offers multiple pressure options up to 180 bars of pressure. Use the wider nozzles though, as the thinner ones may damage your paint. The Karcher is quick, efficient and provides high shine to your car.

The Mightiest Foam Cannon: The McKillan Foam Cannon

The McKillan Snow Foam Cannon is a combination of pressure washer and soap suds, and provides a thick layer of foam so you can thoroughly-clean your paintwork to a deep and satisfying shine. 

The foam output is adjustable and is one of the most durable and long-lasting foam cannons on the market. All the foam cannon fittings are in brass, or stainless steel, with leak resistant properties. Foam cannons are the latest way to combine foam with pressure washing for your car detailing needs.

The Best Wax: Meguair’s Ultimate Liquid Wax

Want your car to have that waxy shine after a decent wash? Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax is a must-have. The wax is suitable for most applicators, and usable on most glossy paint-works and clear coatings. 

The wax is no-stain and uses hydrophobic polymer technology to dispel water and create a maximum shine effect. Combine it with Meguiar’s Scratch X2.0 for minor repair.

The Only Solution For Scrapes, Dents And Rust

A reliable auto body shop is the only place to handle damage like severe scrapes and scratches, or bodywork repair like dents and rusting. At Valley Collision, your auto body shop in downtown Salt Lake, we can handle a wide range of damage in record time and with a money-back guarantee. 

Enjoy your car detailing with a top quality shampoo and pressure washer, or combine both with the McKillan foam cannon. Once you’ve completed your wash, go for that liquid wax for ultimate shine. If you need assistance with some paint or bodywork damage, come to Valley Collision for top quality repairs on your favorite auto. 

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