Texas Woman Pulls Out Gun After Seeing Husband Being Robbed — Fights Off 3 Armed Attackers

Houston police are searching for three armed assailants seen on video attempting to steal money from another man.

Officers responded to reports of the robbery in late November, ABC affiliate KABC reported on Tuesday.

The suspects slowly pulled up to the victim’s home, dragged him inside at gunpoint and demanded money, according to authorities.

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The man’s wife heard what was happening and grabbed a gun from the couple’s bedroom.

When she emerged from the room, she pointed a gun at the assailants.

The suspects turned and shot at her before fleeing.

The victim’s wife was not injured in the incident.

Footage of the attempted robbery shows two masked and hooded men drawing their firearms and pointing them at the victim.

A third man is seen shortly after pulling up to the driveway in a vehicle and exiting to help the suspects bring the man inside.

The video does not show the armed woman confronting the would-be robbers.

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The Crime Stoppers organization is offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to the suspects’ arrest.

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