Study Links Left-Wing Politics to Lower Testosterone – Opinion

Today, testosterone therapy seems to be all the rage. We might see it becoming more popular. It could happen, as science suggests.

As reported by the National Pulse, a hormonal investigation has unearthed an interesting find: If you raise a man’s testosterone levels, he becomes more politically conservative.

The study – Testosterone Administration Induces A Red Shift in Democrats – was published on November 14th, 2021 by Professor Paul Zak, the Director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University.

“His research has made a substantial impact in explaining the variation in human social behaviors and has been cited by other scholars over 18,000 times placing in the top 0.3% of all scholars,” explains his professional biography.

The 2012 election season saw the study of 136 male voting-age men. There was indeed a correlation between man-juice and the polling booth persuasion.

The paper explains that it is based on weaklings.

Our results demonstrate that testosterone induces a “red shift” among weakly-affiliated Democrats.

Participants were randomly given placebos while the real deal was offered to others. The participants’ political views were monitored over time.

Supplemental testosterone helped weakly affiliated Democrats to reduce their strength and reported 45 percent higher feelings for Republican candidates.

In addition, even more surprising was the finding that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most committed Democrats weren’t the most Arnold Schwarzenegger-ish.

Before the testosterone treatment, we found that weakly affiliated Democrats had 19 percent higher basal testosterone than those who identified strongly with the party,” the study continues, reiterating the correlation between individuals with lower testoreone having left-wing political beliefs.

According to the study, this is the bottom line:

Our research shows that political preferences are affected by neuroactive hormonal signals.

The National Pulse notes a related story — earlier this year, a Forbes article offered the idea of a “morality pill” to make people more compliant amid the pandemic.

The article, which was originally published on August 30th, 2020 and originally titled “Could A ‘Morality Pill’ Help Stop The Covid-19 Pandemic?”, outlines how certain chemicals can “potentially “boost” our “cooperative, pro-social behavior” in the context of COVID-19 restrictions like lockdowns and mask mandates.

“As the SARS-CoV-2 virus continues to kill thousands of Americans each week, bioethicist Parker Crutchfield has suggested a controversial approach to battling the pandemic — namely a “morality pill.” Specifically, he suggests that widespread administration of psychoactive drugs could provide “moral enhancement” that would make people more likely to adhere to social norms such as wearing masks and adhering to social distancing guidelines,” explains the article.

Back to testosterone, the study isn’t difficult to believe. Most cultural institutions are run by left-wingers. In 2018, this was:

The society has reacted to male aggression. If chemicals were high school seniors testosterone wouldn’t have any chance of being prom king. But, this little liquid was responsible for creating the world that we see today, over thousands of generations.

As for the politics of it, could the study explain the Left’s war against toxic masculinity?

In either case, we can use more Machismo. Without it, there may be no more #MeToo — because they’ll be no more #Me:



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