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Leading Social Media Live Streaming Services in 2023

Social Media has emerged as a leading platform for reaching out to a wider audience and building strong connections across the globe. Nowadays, social media is extensively used by leading marketing brands to promote their products and services, by medium enterprises for establishing their portfolio & by influencers for making new connections.

All the credit goes to the best live streaming services, which are constantly working for enhancing the interaction with the audience in the most convenient & comfortable way.

In this blog, we will be discussing in detail the live streaming services & some popular platforms which provide these services. This will help you to get a quick understanding of the working of live streaming services as well as knowledge about leading social media platforms.

Live Streaming- All you need to Know

Live streaming is defined as the broadcasting of any event which comes up with audio & video of the real-time event to the viewers watching it over the internet with the help of any internet-enabled device such as a desktop, mobile, etc.

It is becoming an integral part of the professional world with variations to offer the audience in the form of social media streaming, IP video streaming, webinar streaming, and much more.

It is also helping small businesses to reach out to a wider audience, without any geographical restriction whatsoever. Streaming is beneficial in various ways as it allows us to share valuable content, live announcements, product promotions, and the most popular broadcasting of events.

Leading companies use live streaming services to establish connections directly with their potential customers

When it comes to event live streaming, most of the organizers are switching to the live streaming software and their toolbox for valuable streaming services.

Why do you need a Live Streaming Service?

Live streaming can be done free of cost with some of the leading service providers but it ultimately depends on the objective of the host. If someone wants to showcase their valuable content in a systematic way with a highly engaging atmosphere then he will search for premium service platforms.

On the other hand, if your aim is to expand your audience reach worldwide only, then there are many social media platforms that provide you with the pathway to building strong connections.

Talking in general terms, all types of event live streaming platforms are usually affordable & easier for the broadcasters to live your event with just a few clicks.

Some Popular Live Streaming Platforms

Here is the list of some of the popular live streaming platforms other than social media channels-


It is a highly recommended platform for small & medium enterprise to promote their content along with a variety of monetization options available. It is loaded with the features like – real-time video analytics, a high-quality video player, and much more.

The only drawback of this platform is the very basic integrated user interface. It also does not have any video delivery services in china.


This platform is fairly suited for beginners to showcase their talent and content to their target audience. It is loaded with the features such as ad-free streaming, easy-to-use API, in-depth analytics, and much more.

The only drawback is its monetization feature which costs you up to 10 % of your overall revenue.


Dreamcast is one of the popular live streaming services providers which transforms the viewing experience with its immersive features like – a live streaming platform, hybrid town halls, 24/7 dedicated support, and much more.


Vimeo is the only live streaming platform that can easily handle unlimited events with enough storage space. This platform also supports OTT. it comes up with a very simple and easy-to-use interface. It offers features like – flawless streaming, a video management platform, and much more.


It uses the email method for sending notification emails to its users for upcoming live events. The application has many different ways to enhance the interaction with its users like – a chat feature, instant polling, and much more.

It has a broadcasting application that directly allows you to live stream from the website. It has an in-built search feature that facilitates its users to browse through various categories.


It is loaded with features like – metadata, chatting rooms OTT streaming, etc. Wowza offers one of the best immersive live streaming experiences for its users. It delivers reliable fast streams that can easily influence its viewers in real-time.

Top 5 Social Media Live Streaming Platforms

LinkedIn Live Streaming

It is a good source for getting in-depth insights & other valuable information about the attendee with some additional features like – deleting comments, reporting tools, etc. This is a professional tool for showcasing your talent to a professional audience.

This live streaming platform can be used for event promotions, product demos, and for catching the attention of the audience.

Instagram Live Streaming

The platform has a highly secured database. Offensive comments & images are directly blocked before it reaches the streamer during the live streaming video. It also allows you to monetize your video by playing ads in between your live stream.

This feature particularly works within the Instagram stories section which allows the broadcast to be viewed by other Instagram users on their devices. Broadcasts can be expanded with this platform with its notification feature which works when the streamer goes live.

Youtube Live Streaming

Youtube live streaming can be easily done with the help of basic equipment like – a webcam, mobile, and a strong internet connection. The audience can be notified easily with its notification feature for upcoming live sessions.

This also includes the feature of multiplatform streaming simultaneously on different social networks.

Facebook Live Streaming

It comes up with a new – Live Producer feature which provides high-end protection and streaming services. Facebook live is considered one of the most widely used free live streaming tools. It is mostly used for – event promotion, live Q&A sessions, polling, etc.


This live streaming platform majorly focuses on the gaming and tech-oriented industry. Its user interface allows chatting with millions of users worldwide. It has different ways to monetize your content like – publishing ads, bits, sponsorships, and much more.

Summing Up

Social media live streaming services provide solutions to all your marketing needs but they are not enough to expand your business. You will need some professional tools to work professionally and generate revenue.

With different streaming services like – IP Video streaming services etc., you can set your objectives & target audience as the first priority and then can target the audience by engaging with your content quality.

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