Seloni Khetarpal Arrested for Calling 911 After Parents Turn Off Cell Phone

36-Year-Old Woman Calls 911 ‘Repeatedly’ Because Parents Shut Off Her Cell Phone – Gets Arrested

A 36-year-old Ohio woman was arrested on Thursday after “repeatedly” calling 911 to complain that her parents had shut off her cell phone.

Seloni Khetarpal demanded on Feb. 13 that authorities come to her Jackson Township home to deal with the matter, ABC affiliate WEWS reported, citing court documents.

Khetarpal was given a warning, instructing her to only dial 911 for a legitimate emergency, the first time she called.

She called again just hours later.

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Khetarpal argued that what she was experiencing was a legitimate issue and was “belligerent,” court documents said.

She is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 27.

The millennial generation

Millennials such as Khetarpal have often been stereotyped in the general culture as an entitled “snowflake generation.”

Arguably, the typical view has some basis in fact.

Whether for economic of cultural reasons, millennials really are staying in school and living with and relying on their parents longer than previous generations did.

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They are sympathetic to socialism, and what work they deign to do, they expect to be meaningful – perhaps because they’re less likely to be religious.

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