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Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Killing Marine War Vet the Day Before Veterans Day

An immigrant who was in the United States illegally allegedly killed a Vietnam War veteran a day before Veterans Day, according to law enforcement officials. 

Nemias Perez Severiano, a 31-year-old Mexican national, was driving drunk in Norristown, Pennsylvania, on Nov. 10 when he hit and killed Samuel Jackson, a 69-year-old disabled veteran, police said. Jackson, who served as a Marine in Vietnam, had just exited his vehicle and was just a few feet from his front door.

Severiano is accused of fleeing the scene and was later arrested. Eyewitnesses said they saw a car speeding away.

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Court records obtained by CBS Philly indicated that Severiano had been drinking for five hours at a nearby bar before the fatal crash.

“While at the bar [Severiano] indicated he consumed seven to eight Modelo beers,” the arrest records said. “[Severiano] informed the detectives that when he left the bar, he was ‘a little drunk.’”

Jackson’s grandson, Jayden Guidicis, and sister, Peggy Jackson, expressed anger that Severiano allegedly fled the scene.

“Why can’t you stop, see if he was okay, see if he was alive, see if he was breathing,” Guidici wondered to ABC 6.

“I’m a forgiving person, but it’s really taken a lot for me right now to forgive somebody because if they had called 911, we might have been able to save him,” Jackson said.

Samuel Jackson “loved the Marines” and Veterans Day

Jackson said her brother “loved the Marines” and was “so proud to have served his country.”

His grandson Jayden Guidicis said that Jackson loved Veterans Day.

“It was basically his day, it’s what he fought for,” Guidicis agreed.

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Severiano is being held on a $200,000 bond in Montgomery County — not to be confused with a controversial “sanctuary county” of the same name in Maryland.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has asked that if Severiano is released, he be turned over for arrest and deportation.

Breitbart News reported that Marine Corp Veteran Richard Dunn donated his uniform to Jackson so he could be buried in uniform. The burial is scheduled for this week.

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