Sam Harris Weighs in on Kavanaugh-Ford

“What are the minimum conditions that would make it possible for Christine Blasey Ford to be lying?”

​Philosopher Sam Harris opined Thursday on the ongoing controversy over Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court amid sexual misconduct allegations from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

The host of the popular “Waking Up” podcast weighed in via tweet while Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday morning.

Harris suggested it was highly unlikely she’s lying about an assault that she claims took place at a house party in Washington DC while Ford and Kavanaugh were in high school 35 years ago.

“What are the minimum conditions that would make it possible for Christine Blasey Ford to be lying?” Harris wrote before declaring it would require “a willingness to destroy her life (along with those of 2 innocent men and their families)” and a “time machine.”

The allegations against Kavanaugh have divided the country, largely along ideological lines, since they were ​revealed to the public through a series of media reports in mid-September.

Republicans and conservatives have tended to view Ford’s allegation — as well as subsequent sexual misconduct ​allegations against Kavanaugh by other women — skeptically and have accused Democrats of a politically motivated smear job consisting of​ uncorroborated and ​questionable accusations.

Democrats and liberals, often citing the #MeToo movement’s admonition to “believe all women,” have accused Republicans of dismissing Ford’s allegations to prop up a sexist cultural environment that protects the entitled behavior of “​privileged white guys.” They’ve also argued that the mounting number of accusers, as well as anecdotal accounts of Kavanaugh’s ​drinking and behavior toward women, lend credence to Ford’s claims.

Harris ​describes himself as a liberal, but that hasn’t stopped some from l​u​mping him in with extreme right-wing elements.

​​At least when it comes to the matter of Kavanaugh-Ford, Harris appears to fall solidly in line with the liberal position.

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