Army recruit haircut 15 years

Man Gets First Haircut in 15 Years Just So He Can Join the Army

A Montana man received his first haircut in 15 years on Thursday so he could join the Army and ship off to basic training. 

A video posted to the Salt Lake City Army Recruiting Battalion Facebook page shows 23-year-old Reynaldo Arroyo making the decision to part with his luscious locks.

Arroyo signed up for the 11x Infantry contract and plans to go airborne, according to the Facebook post.

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“I’m just really excited to be enlisting in the Army,” Arroyo said in the video.

“Congratulations to Reynaldo Arroyo for enlisting in the #USArmy from the Missoula U.S. Army Recruiting Station,” the post reads.

“He decided to cut his hair in exchange for a brighter future with the Army.”

A charitable act from Reynaldo Arroyo

According to the Facebook post, Arroyo plans to donate his hair to the Locks of Love foundation.

Locks of Love is a nonprofit organization that makes wigs for children suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions.

Arroyo hopes the estimated 150 inches of hair he donates will help a child in need.

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“Hopefully some lucky little girl is going to get it,” he said in the video.

Great time to go infantry

According to the Army Times, the Army is pushing hard to fill more than 3,000 11x infantry slots by the end of the fiscal year on September 30.

The Army increased bonuses for new infantry recruits in May, offering $15,000 to $40,000 depending on the length of the recruit’s initial contract. Recruits signing up for six-year enlistments could qualify for the $40,000 bonus.

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