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Dem Congresswoman Outraged Trump Is Being Impeached for Something Besides ‘Racism’

Progressive groups and at least one Democrat congresswoman have expressed disappointment with the articles of impeachment introduced against Donald Trump, accusing Democrats of omitting the president’s purported offenses against marginalized communities.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a Michigan Democrat and one of the four members of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s much-vaunted “Squad,” responded on Tuesday to the scope of impeachment.

“Let’s be very clear: It’s *racist* abuse of power. This President targeted people solely based on their ethic background, their faith, disability, sexual orientation and even source of income.#ImpeachAndRemoveTrump,” she tweeted.

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Tlaib has been an aggressive proponent of impeaching the president since she was elected to the House in 2018.

Shortly after being sworn in, Tlaib famously vowed of Trump, “We’re gonna impeach the motherf—-r.”

Heidi Hess, the co-director of CREDO Action, a progressive activist organization that’s been pushing for impeaching the president, echoed Tlaib’s remarks.

“It’s beyond overdue for House Democrats to introduce articles of impeachment, but failing to include articles addressing most of the high crimes and misdemeanors Trump has committed is a dangerous abdication of responsibility,” Hess said in a statement, according to the Washington Times.

“But by not including Trump’s bigotry, corruption, and self-enrichment, Democrats are telling the communities that Trump has terrorized that they are on their own,” Hess added.

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Democrats introduced two articles of impeachment against the president, alleging he abused his power and obstructed Congress, Reuters reported.

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