Body Cam ‘Video’ of Policewoman Giving Boss Oral Sex Turns Out to Be a Hoax

“These claims are under internal review.”

Claims that a police officer accidentally recorded herself performing oral sex on her boss while on the job turned out to be a hoax.

The New York Police Department announced on Tuesday that it was investigating the rumors, according to which the sex act had been caught on the woman’s body camera. But the New York Post on Wednesday reported that there is no such footage.

The tabloid, along with Pluralist, had earlier reported the claims, attributing them to anonymous sources.

According to the Tuesday report, the officer and her sergeant were said to have started fooling around in their squad car during a recent late-night patrol of their Brooklyn precinct. The woman tucked her body camera into her vest, thinking it was off, but the device turned on during fellatio, sources said.

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The resulting audio graphically documented the sex act, according to the sources, including the female officer gushing about it afterward.

The Post reported that the recording was likely discovered by a superior in the 75th precinct during a routine review of the body cam footage.

“These claims are under internal review,” the NYPD said in a statement Tuesday.

But on Wednesday, the Post added: “It was later determined that neither audio nor video existed of the alleged incident.”

While the newspaper could not determine the origin of the hoax, but said that word of it spread around the precinct and up to police brass.


As police shootings have become a national flashpoint in recent years, many departments have turned to body cams in hopes of curbing abuses. The NYPD introduce the devices in 2017, and just last week announced that all of its some 20,000 officers were so equipped.

“Body-worn cameras enhance the safety and accountability of the dedicated men and women of the NYPD,” Police Commissioner James O’Neill said at the time.

However, research has shown that the technology has little affect on the behavior of officers, and it has been involved in real sex scandals before.

Last December, a Brooklyn detective was suspended without pay for using a colleague’s body cam to record a clip of his testicles. In April, an Arizona police sergeant was fired after using his body cam to film himself having sex with a woman at his desk.

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