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Need a People Counter? Ombori Grid Can Help

If your business needs to count people and make sure you’re following occupancy guidelines, Ombori Grid can help you get the information and data analytics you need. During the pandemic, the number of people in a store at one time was a serious concern. Even when there are no longer pandemic-based guidelines and rules to follow, though, there are plenty of good reasons to have the ability to count the number of people coming into your store. That benefits both customers and employees.

With Ombori Grid solutions, you can track people as they come through your doors. If you have multiple entrances, cameras can be used to keep an accurate count of everyone in the building. You can be notified if the occupancy limit is approached, and signage outside can let customers know that they need to wait. That way you don’t need to have employees monitoring the doors, and trying to coordinate with one another as to how many people are in the store at any given time.

That takes a lot of stress off of your employees and makes it much easier for them to continue doing their jobs as effectively as possible. They can wait on the customers that are in the store, and know that they aren’t going to become overwhelmed by the number of people who come to them for information or help. When employees get overwhelmed, customer service suffers. That can hurt the reputation of your business, and make it more difficult for you to keep people interested in buying from you.

Ombori Grid solutions provide a lot of information you can use to properly track customer patterns, too, and see which times of day are the most popular with shoppers. That helps you adjust your staffing, and make sure your employees are where they need to be in order to handle the customers that are needing products or services. The more you know about the number of people in your store and what they’re looking for, the easier it is for you to schedule employees to be available when needed, and in the departments where customers need them at that time.

If you want to grow your business and see it continue to succeed, Ombori Grid software options can help with that, as well. The more you know about analytics, and the more you make changes to adjust to them properly, the easier it is for you to meet customer demands and employee needs, at the same time. Revenue and efficiency can both rise when you make people counting and analysis of their shopping patterns a big part of your focus.

Having more customers in the store doesn’t necessarily equate to having a better bottom line, but when you can consider efficiency and look at what customers really need from you, that can be translated into the kind of growth and development your company is looking for, for the long term.

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