Ocasio-Cortez Brags Her Documentary Made Trump Supporters Cry – Nobody Believes Her

“Even Trump supporters left the film in tears.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., boasted Wednesday that the newly released documentary about her campaign is so good it brought “even Trump supporters” to tears.

Ocasio-Cortez made the claim in a tweet touting Netflix’s “Knock Down the House,” which follows her and three other first-time female Democratic candidates for Congress during their 2018 primary bids. Liberal reviewers and Twitter commentators have been raving that the movie renewed their faith in politics and brought them to tears.

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The Vox review that Ocasio-Cortez shared in her tweet was headlined: “Knock Down the House is about more than AOC. It’s about hope in American politics” – though the article acknowledges that the documentary actually feels “in the end, as if it’s mostly her story.”

Not one to be satisfied with anything less than messianic social impact, Ocasio-Cortez went further – claiming that the emotional power of her story had overwhelmed the levees of partisan rancor and unleashed a flood of Republican tears.

The basis of the freshman congresswoman’s implausible assertion was unclear, and nobody seemed to be buying it. Conservatives mocked the idea.



And even some liberals were skeptical.


However, another former candidate who appears in the documentary, Amy Vilela of Nevada, has used a similar talking point. In an interview published Tuesday, she guaranteed The Associated Press that Republicans would watch “Knock Down the House.”

“People are going to secretly go and watch this movie. They’re ranting about it online. They’re not going to be able to resist,” she said. “I think it will humanize what we’re doing. Hopefully, we won’t be so scary to them, and they’ll understand where we’re coming from.”

Ocasio-Cortez has in the past claimed to have a unique ability to appeal to Trump voters. Last month, she predicted that Kentucky coal miners would find both her personality and left-wing politics irresistible once they met her “close up.” In March, during a talk at South by Southwest, she insisted that “there are a lot of Trump voting pockets of my district.”


In reality, though, Ocasio-Cortez’s combative and ideologically rigid style seems to have turned off most Americans. Polls have shown her national approval rating plummeting, especially among Republicans, whites, and men. Ocasio-Cortez last month brushed off the findings as the result of “racism, sexism, and Fox News.”

Even fellow Democrats have worried that she will tar the whole party with her radical brand, especially in the swing states that will likely decide the 2020 presidential election.

It’s almost enough to make a Trump supporter cry tears of joy.

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