Nick Sandmann Wins Settlement in $275 Million Lawsuit Against CNN

CNN agreed on Tuesday to a settlement with Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann, who filed a lawsuit in March seeking $275 million against the cable news network.

A spokesman for CNN confirmed with the Cincinnati Enquirer that a settlement with Sandmann had been reached.

The amount of the settlement was not revealed.

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Sandman’s attorneys alleged that CNN “ignored the facts” and waged a “7-day media campaign of false, vicious attacks against Nicholas, a young boy who was guilty of little more than wearing a souvenir Make America Great Again cap.”

“The CNN accusations are totally and unequivocally false, and CNN would have known them to be untrue had it undertaken any reasonable efforts to verify their accuracy before publication,” according to the lawsuit.

On Jan. 18, Sandmann, 16, participated in the March for Life, an anti-abortion rally outside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, with his Kentucky classmates. At one point, he was confronted by Nathan Phillips, a 64-year-old Native American protester.

A misleading video of the standoff quickly went viral, and major news outlets helped perpetuate a false narrative that cast the students as aggressors and made Sandmann an instant poster boy for bigotry in President Donald Trump’s America.

Additional videos and accounts soon made it clear that Phillips initiated the standoff and later misrepresented what happened. Some journalists, commentators, and celebrities responded to updated evidence by amending their views, and in some cases even apologizing. Others doubled down.

An independent investigation undertaken by the Catholic Diocese of Covington later cleared the boys of any wrongdoing in the confrontation, setting the stage for lawsuits against CNN and other media outlets.

Sandmann’s lawsuits against the Washington Post and NBC Universal are still pending.

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His attorneys have said they also intend to sue Gannett, the parent company which owns USA Today and several local newspapers.

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