Nicholas Ennis Fights Citation for 'Obscene' Pro-Gun Sticker

Police Cite Man for ‘Obscene’ Pro-Gun Sticker on His Truck

Sumner County, Tennessee police cited a local man for having an “obscene” pro-Second Amendment sticker on his vehicle – now he’s asking the public to help him fight back.

Nicholas Ennis told WZTV late last month that he believed the citation was an infringement on his free speech rights.

WZTV confirmed with Sumner County sheriff’s deputies that they’d ticketed Ennis for the sticker, which he said he’s had on his care for around a year.

“It’s got the symbol of a M-16 at the front and a symbol of an AK-47 at the end of it. The only thing you see on it is U-C gun control and two guns,” Ennis said while describing the offending sticker.

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Sumner County authorities say the message spells out the F-word, according to the citation.

“I think my First Amendment rights have been violated because it’s not spelled out like he said on the ticket,” Ennis told the local news outlet.

“We should have the right to express our opinions, and freedom of speech. And they’re trying to take it away – the constitutional right. They’re trying to take all that away from us – America ain’t free no more,” he added.

Fox 17 reported that Ennis is now petitioning the public to help him raise funds to pay for a lawyer and fight the citation.

“I’m looking for donations for a lawyer to get the charge dropped and hopefully get it to where no one else will have to go through all the legal fees and trouble,” Ennis wrote in a description for his GoFundMe campaign, which launched on Sunday.

“This is America and I believe in the Constitution and my rights as an American. Any donations will. Help have a blessed day,” he added.

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So far he’s raised $50 toward a $5,000 goal.

Ennis is planning to meet with a lawyer, Fox 17 reported.

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