NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Media Barely Touching Sexual Harasser Andrew Cuomo

This week has seen a slower news cycle, so how can they not cover it? Numerous networks have completely skipped front-page. New York TimesNew York’s state Assembly investigated the case and found that former Gov. Andrew Cuomo was convicted of several sexual harassment offenses.

PBS and ABC briefly touched on it. CBS and NBC ignored it. MSNBC mentions it on cable news at 5:17 AM. You are way too young. CNN briefly reported it at end John King, Inside Politics

Cuomo wasn’t only confirmed his sexual harassment by the state Assembly. The state Assembly confirmed that Cuomo edited COVID documents in order to minimize the deaths occurring in nursing homes. They also found this was done with Cuomo signing a $5million book deal to show his COVID management. Cuomo insisted no state employees would help with this book, but in reality, his aides were deeply involved. 

The man who brutally drove through Christmas crowds in Wisconsin with his leftist drivers is also discussed. Twitter videoThe media coverage of Rittenhouse. 

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