Nets Ignore News FBI Knew Trump-Russia Collusion Was a Hoax All Along

On Tuesday, the prosecution and defense teams in special counsel John Durham’s trial against former Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann delivered opening arguments. Sussmann was charged with lying to the FBI. Opening arguments revealed that Sussmann employed the FBI to stage an October surprise against Donald Trump in 2016. 

Even though it was revealed that Donald Trump’s lawyer, Bill Clinton, had lied to FBI agents to get him in prison for his crimes against humanity, the three night news channels ignored the story. Instead, ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, & NBC Nightly NewsWasted airtime for local weather reports, Los Angeles brush fire, and entire segments on Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial. 

Thankfully Fox News Channel’s Special Report covered the new allegations against Clinton hatchet man Sussmann. Correspondent David Spunt, reporting live outside the federal courthouse in Washington, D.C. revealed “federal prosecutors say that former Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann manipulated the FBI to open this investigation into then-candidate Donald Trump to create that October surprise right before the election.”



Spunt reports that Sussmann had been accused of causing the damming accusations. “went to the FBI and said he had some information linking the Trump Organization via a computer server to a Russian-based alpha bank then owned by associates close to Vladimir Putin.” 

In fact, Sussmann’s claim that Trump colluded with Russia was so preposterous that “an FBI agent on the stand today said it didn’t take long to determine there was no secret back channel between the Trump Organization and Russia.” The FBI is more sensible than leftist media that bought into the conspiracy theory. 

Predictably, Sussmann’s team told jurors the complete opposite arguing that Sussmann, a well-respected cyber attorney with a top-secret clearance never tried to hide anything from the FBI” and sought to excuse their client’s lies to the FBI by claiming “the FBI was well aware that Sussmann worked for the FBI.” 

It’s clear the leftist broadcast networks are still invested in the Trump/Russia collusion fairy tale even though it’s now been thoroughly debunked as a baldfaced lie. This explains the media’s lack of interest in this trial. 

The network blackout of the revelations in the Durham/Sussmann trial was made possible by Progressive on ABC, TD Ameritrade on CBS, and Ford on NBC. The information they shared is linked. 

To read the transcript of the Special Report segment click “expand”:

FNC’s Special Report 
Eastern, 6:07:30 

BRET BAIER: This is the breaking news. In the first day of John Durham’s special counsel trial, Michael Sussmann, a former Clinton campaign lawyer, claims that Sussmann created a quote: October surprise to attack then-candidate Donald Trump. This accusation comes five years after Robert Mueller was named special counsel in an investigation into whether Trump’s campaign coordinated with Russia for the 2016 election. David Spunt, correspondent is in Washington outside of the U.S. District Court. Here’s the latest. David, good evening.

DAVID SPUNT (Bret): Today is a busy day at the federal court. Federal prosecutors allege that Michael Sussmann was a Clinton campaign attorney who manipulated FBI agents to allow them to investigate Donald Trump, the then-candidate for the presidency. This investigation was launched just prior to the election.Some video was captured of Sussmann, his legal team and leaving the federal courthouse in the final hour. Opening statements were the first part of the day. Then, there was a series of witnesses who testified including two FBI agents. Sussmann was charged with lying two months prior to the 2016 elections., Bret, He claimed that he was able to link the Trump Organization through a computer server with a Russian-based bank owned at the time by Vladimir Putin associates.FBI investigation found that the allegation was false. A witness from the FBI said that it took only a few minutes to find out there wasn’t a secret back channel connecting the Trump Organization with Russia.But the investigation went on just by going through the order chain. Sussmann says he was worried about the nation’s security when he attended the FBI. The government claims that Sussmann paid the Clinton campaign to cover the cost of the FBI meeting.

Today’s opening statements were made by federal prosecutors John Durham, special counsel to the United States. They stated that Sussmann wanted to use FBI. Bret and those prosecutors claim that Trump was never connected to Russia. Sussmann’s legal team told jurors that the opposite was true, asserting that Sussmann is a highly respected cyber attorney who has a top secret clearance. They also claimed that Sussmann never tried to hide any information from the FBI. Sussmann’s defense team claims that Sussmann was aware of FBI involvement.Washington knew it was there. Tomorrow is an important day. Marc Elias was the former Clinton campaign general counselor. Also, James Baker that FBI–that former FBI general counsel that Michael Sussmann had that meeting with. A lot of names but we’re going to continue to follow it all. Bret?

BAIER: We’ll cover it all every piece of this case. David Spunt outside of the courthouse. David, thanks.

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