Pluralist - National ICE Council Demands Separation from Parent Union AFL-CIO Due to 'Defund ICE' Stances & Prejudice

National ICE Council Demands Separation from Parent Union AFL-CIO Due to ‘Defund ICE’ Stances & Prejudice

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has had enough of leftist unions’ mission to take down their agency, as they are now filing charges with the U.S. Department of Labor to break away from their parent union, the AFL-CIO, and the affiliated American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE). 

National ICE Council has also requested a financial audit and protection from attacks by the AFL-CIO/AFGE if the parent unions leave. If lefty unions are good at one thing, it’s keeping their tyrannical grasp over decent people and punishing those who don’t preach the woke gospel.

The Washington Times reported the story in an exclusive on June 21 with the National ICE Council, who expressed discontent with being called “nazis and racists” by their union members. The council says that ICE employees are being held “captive” by the AFL-CIO and that they can’t get proper representation because the unions “foster hate and prejudice” against ICE employees. 

“AFGE and the AFL-CIO became far-left organizations a long time ago,” Chris Crane, the National ICE Council president, told The Washington Times. “They don’t care about workers. They are only interested in their extreme-left agendas, politics and a few other things. It is impossible to control the corruption and misappropriation in this organization. ICE employees want no part in it.” 

AFL-CIO, AFGE and other unions have supported the leftist call to end ICE and place their members on unemployment. 

“I am not aware of any other union that openly campaigns to have the jobs of its members eliminated,” Crane wrote in a statement. “When AFGE supports electing abolish-ICE politicians to positions of power and influence, that’s exactly what it’s doing.” 

The Times reported that they also used hush funds to cover up allegations of financial mismanagement and racial discrimination. With all of these incidents of incompetence and open hostility to ICE, it’s no surprise they want no part of the lefty union’s political game. The AFGE did, after all, endorse Biden by a margin of 58.4 percent to 28 percent for former President Donald Trump. 

The AFL-CIO and AFGE’s political ambitions lay bare for all to see, and they’ve made it tacitly clear it doesn’t involve the ICE agents that protect our border from massive invasions. ICE and Border Patrol (CBP) are overwhelmed, and their liberal overlords couldn’t care less. Their “forced membership” as Crane said is only hurting ICE workers.

Crane said it plainly, “ICE employees don’t like AFGE and they don’t trust AFGE, so there is nothing that can be done at this point by AFGE.” 

They have found their union ineffective and they now seek freedom. Leftist politics only makes it difficult for them to complete their task of keeping the border secure and convicting criminals.

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