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MSNBC Contributor: El Paso Shooting Is ‘a Chance for Beto to Gain Some Momentum’

MSNBC aired an exchange Tuesday in which two on-air personalities weighed whether a weekend mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, might be politically advantageous for 2020 presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke.

The exchange began with a clip of Beto speaking from outside the Walmart where the shooting took place.

“It is that hatred in which the president traffics, the racism that he promotes the violence that he encourages [that caused this shooting],” O’Rourke said. “No one should be surprised, no one should be asking themselves how this could happen in our country. It’s very clear.”

“MSNBC Live” host Stephanie Ruhle followed up by posing a question that she conceded might “sound” dubious.

“As bad as this may sound, could this moment be a chance for Beto to gain some momentum?” Ruhle said.

“I think so,” replied MSNBC contributor Maria Teresa Kumar.

“When you look at who the president is most afraid of, you often hear within inner circles that Beto is the one that concerns him,” Kumar added.

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Conservatives react to Stephanie Ruhle’s El Paso segment

Conservatives on social media reacted to Ruhle’s comments by slamming MSNBC and the media at large.

GOP National Spokesperson Liz Harrington, who initially flagged the exchange between Ruhle and Kumar, tweeted that for “the Democrats and the media, it’s all about politics.”

Some Twitter commenters accused Ruhle’s network of being in the tank for Democrat politicians, such as O’Rourke.

“First the @MSNBC spokespersons for Democrats couldn’t breathe life into the empty @BetoORourke campaign now they are attempting mouth-to-mouth resuscitation based on mass murder,” tweeted the Twitter account for Red Nation Rising Maine.

Conservatives have long accused major media outlets of betraying a liberal bias and in some cases outright cheerleading for Democrat politicians, such as former President Barack Obama.

According to many on the right, a double standard is evident in journalists’ treatment of Obama versus how they cover President Donald Trump, for example.

In a piece for New York Magazine published on Monday, political columnist Ed Kilgore implied that Trump’s “nativist” rhetoric might lead to political losses for the GOP in the wake of the El Paso tragedy.

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“It would be fitting if Trump and his infinitely compliant party paid an immediate price for his nativist stylings deep in the heart of Texas,” Kilgore wrote.

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