MSNBC Reporter’s Cringeworthy Ambush of Robert Mueller on Easter Is Lighting Up the Internet

“Uh, no comment.”

An NBC reporter has been criticized for ambushing Robert Mueller with a microphone and camera crew outside an Easter Sunday service in Washington, D.C.

As the former special counsel tried to get into his minivan to leave, congressional correspondent Mike Viqueira hounded him with questions about his report on Russian meddling in the 2016 election, which was made public on Thursday. The one-sided interview grew increasingly awkward as Mueller struggled to unlock the doors, at one point apparently meeting his wife behind the car to exchange keys.

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“Sir, can I ask you a couple questions? Will you testify before Congress, sir?” Viqueria asked, sticking his microphone in Mueller’s face.

“Uh, no comment,” Mueller responded.

“Are you sure about that sir?” Viqueria followed-up. “If he were anybody but the president, would Mr. Trump be indicted, sir?”

Visibly irritated, Mueller refused to even look at Viqueria. But the reporter was undeterred.

“Sir, why didn’t you make a recommendation to Congress one way or the other?” Viqueria asked. “Did the attorney general accurately characterize your positions on conspiracy and obstruction, sir?”

Mueller finally got in his car and drove off without answering any of Viqueria’s questions.


Viqueira later recapped the action on MSNBC.

“I think we can characterize Director Mueller’s attitude toward my questions as tight-lipped, and perhaps not interested in talking to me,” he joked. “It was after all Easter Sunday, and he was after all coming out of Easter services.”

Still, he congratulated himself on a journalistic coup.

“But nevertheless, that’s the first time we’ve heard from Bob Mueller in quite some time, even if his only comment was ‘No comment.'”

Not everyone was so impressed.

Journalists from both liberal- and conservative-leaning outlets opined that Mueller deserved to be left alone. Daily Wire writer Kassy Dillon called Viqueria’s behavior “really gross.”

One America Network host Jack Posobiec joked that Mueller was being harassed by “Unhinged Russiagate conspiracy theorists.”

Meanwhile, Playboy’s Washington Correspondent Alex Thomas compared the press to paparazzi.

Feminist writer Alex Thomas pleaded the case “for the love of Christ.”

Mueller’s report cleared President Donald Trump’s campaign of colluding with the Kremlin, but made no determination on whether Trump had obstructed justice once in office. That ambiguity has been enough to keep Democrats and many in the media chattering about further investigations – and even potential impeachment – of the president.

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