MRC CensorTrack Tallies 156 Times Big Tech Censored Users Who Affirm Science on Gender

Big Tech companies have shown that science is only relevant when it’s not confirming biological facts about sex and gender, and they don’t hesitate to censor anybody who wields science against them.

MRC Free Speech America uncovered and documented 156 cases of Big Tech censoring employees who have been opposed to the transgender narrative within the CensorTrack Database over the past six months. That’s an average of about five cases of censorship attacking biological truth per week — more than double the weekly average that MRC found when it previously reviewed CensorTrack entries involving gender from January through November 2021. 

Big Tech clearly is showing its awake muscles. Transgender content has exploded over the past six months and left-leaning groups have begun targeting young children and teens. People who tried to expose the transgender movements lies on youth have had their accounts deleted, blocked, and even locked out. 

Big Tech censors made no mistake. Facebook and Twitter chased Senator Marsha Blackburn (R–TN). The Babylon Bee, Fox News host Tucker Carlson, and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk for saying or endorsing that only women belong in women’s sports and women of the year lists. Platforms even silenced Libs of TikTokBlaze TV podcaster Allie Beth Stuckey (and Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh) when they voiced concerns and countered the transgender lobby. “They say it’s innocent,”  Libs of TikTok tweeted. “They say it’s just about inclusion and acceptance. They deny that anyone is trying to manipulate, sexualize or confuse children. They lie.”

It was not unusual for Congressmen to try and communicate with constituents. Big Tech censorship oligarchs also target them for supporting girls’ sport as an exclusively biologically female activity.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said in a March Facebook post that “[b]Iological men are not allowed in women’s sport. Facebook removed the post for so-called “hate speech” two months later. The platform did not reply to Free Speech America’s request for comment but it reinstated Blackburn’s post shortly after we reached out for comment. 

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) similarly tweeted in February that “Women’s Sports are for Women, not men pretending to be women,” according to a screenshotTwittered by her campaign manger Michael Haufner.  A Twitter spokesperson told MRC Free Speech America that Hartzler’s tweet violated the platform’s “hateful conduct” rules. Her account was locked by the platform accountHartzler was required to remove the tweet in order to gain access to her account.

Women of the year should be role models for young girls, and at the very least, they should be well … women. MRC’s CensorTrack database exposed that Big Tech can’t even take a joke about gender.

The mass Twitter censorship of USA Today’s “Women of the Year 2022” list, which was published in March, was prompted by a massive Twitter campaign. The list featured no shortage of leftist women and none other than “transgender” U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health, Rachel Levine. 

The Babylon Bee responded to the article with a satire piece giving Levine the title “man of the year.” Twitter locked the satire site’s account for violating its rules on hateful conduct. Babylon Bee is part of the Free Speech Alliance.

Screenshots indicate that the platform placed a warning over Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s Declaration that “Rachel Levine is a man” in response to the list. Turning Point USA founder and Free Speech America Advisory Board member Charlie Kirk apparently wasn’t so lucky. “‘Richard Levine,’ Kirk tweeted according to The Post Millenial, ‘spent 54 years of his life as a man. His wife and children were his support system. He “transitioned” to being a woman in 2011, Joe Biden appointed Levine to be a 4-Star Admiral, and now USA Today has named “Rachel” Levine as a “Woman of the Year”[.]Where are the feminists, you ask??’” Twitter reportedly removed Kirk’s tweet and locked his account for so-called “hateful conduct.”

The platform apparently also locked down the accounts The Christian Post, Fox News host Tucker Carlson, and The Babylon Bee’s founder and head of its sister site Not The Bee, Adam Ford for endorsing The Babylon Bee’s tweet that called Levine a man. Others silenced for denying Rachel Levine’s womanhood include: Senior Breitbart writer John Nolte, Radio Host Mark Davis, SiriusXM host Jonathan T. Gilliam, The Federalist Senior Editor John Daniel Davidson and the Media Research Center’s video production division MRCTV. 

Transgender activists have no shame trying to indoctrinate kids for their cause. Big Tech is not afraid of aiding or assisting. An example of this was a Twitter account which exposed drag shows for kids as Wiggles events. Libs of TikTok tweeted a “MEGA DRAG THREAD” exposing the proverbial sewage leftists have been trying to feed American youths this June. 

You could find photos, videos and other information about events, such as the drag queen story time in Sudbury (Mass.). preschool, a Dallas gay bar’s “Drag the Kids to Pride” event, Jasper, Ind.’s Pride in the Park event, which later canceled its “all ages” drag show, and many more similar school and library events. 

Twitter has removed thread and locked the user’s account for allegedly “violating our rules against abuse and harassment,” according to a screenshot tweetedBy The Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillion

The platform also locked BlazeTV commentator Allie Beth Stuckey’s account when she slammed Fox News for airing a segment featuring a 14-year-old who “transitioned” at age 5. “I’m stunned that Fox News ran a segment celebrating a girl whose parents ‘transitioned’ her into a boy when she was 5 because she apparently told them she was a boy ‘before [she] could talk.’ Absolutely maddening &… heartbreaking,” Stuckey tweetedStuckey posted screenshots that support this conclusion. The screenshots indicate that Twitter removed her tweet for so-called “hateful conduct” but later restoredHer account.

In December, the triggered censors at Twitter locked American Principles Project (APP) Policy and Government Affairs Director Jon Schweppe’s account after he encouraged governors to “be emboldened to continue the fight against the evil gender ideology being forced on America’s children,” according to APP’s screenshots. He urged them to join Arkansas and Tennessee “in banning the chemical castration and surgical mutilation of minors suffering from gender dysphoria.” Twitter locked Schweppe’s account for 12 hours and required him to delete his tweet to regain access to his account, according to the screenshots. APP is a member the Free Speech Alliance.

Twitter isn’t the only Big Tech company trying to manage the gender narrative in order to not offend the woke mob.

Amazon attacked Daily Wire host Matt Walsh’s children’s book “Johnny the Walrus” by going after its advertising. The fictional storybook mirrors a child’s gender “transition.” The book portrays the relationship between Johnny, who thinks he is a walrus and his mom who begins treating him as if he is a walrus. Amazon initially sold the book out in December. However, the site restricted advertising when the book was restocked in April. Walsh said that the online store also “removed it from the children’s category and labeled it political commentary.”

Walsh Tweeted screenshots indicating that Amazon claimed the ad violated its “Creative Acceptance Policies.” The screenshots show that Amazon apparently deemed Johnny the Walrus “not appropriate for all audiences,” citing the possible inclusion of “erotica; content on sexual preferences such as BDSM; incestuous relationships; sexual contact with person(s) under the age of 18… or content that promotes, endorses, or incites potentially dangerous or harmful activity.” Amazon did not respond to MRC Free Speech America’s request for comment when it demonetized Walsh’s book. 

TikTok is a Chinese Communist Party affiliated group that removed a Young America’s Foundation YouTube video featuring President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center. Ryan T. Anderson calling sex a “binary.” “There’s not a spectrum between XX and XY, a spectrum between sperm and egg, nor is there a third gamete,” Anderson told students according to a YouTube version of the clip. “It’s not like there’s sperm, egg and the third gamete, nor is there a third genital. It is not possible to have infinite possibilities. “Sex is bodily real.” TikTok deleted the January video for alleged hate speech, denied YAF’s appeal, and suspended the account for seven days. screenshotsThe company tweeted. YAF belongs to the Free Speech Alliance.

Conservatives are being attacked.Your representatives should be contacted to insist that Big Tech is held responsible for ensuring transparency and equality of treatment for conservatives. Contact us at Media Research Center if you feel your voice has been blocked. Contact formPlease help us make Big Tech more accountable.

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