Morning Yoga

Yoga is a great way to reduce stress. Yoga is one of the best exercises for the body and it can be done by people of varying flexibility levels. Morning yoga will help a person start their day and they will be ready to take on whatever life throws at them. According to Alexander Djerassi, these are some of the benefits of doing morning yoga.

Stress Reduction

If a person practices yoga in the morning they will notice a huge reduction in their stress during the day. They will also feel less anxiety and will be in a better mood. Yoga may even help with the sign of depression. The day can be stressful and yoga will put a person in the right mindset to handle it.

Improve Fitness

Yoga can have a good impact on the body. Yoga will lead to an increase in balance which is good for many daily activities. A person will notice they are becoming more flexible as they follow a morning yoga routine. They will also see improvements in strengths and range of motion. This will allow a person to become more liberal as they go about their day. They will see changes in their movement and will be able to move without pain.

Help with Chronic Conditions

If a person has a chronic health condition they may find it hard to get around. They may be sick and that is no way to start a day. Practicing yoga in the morning can help. A person may be able to reduce their risk of developing conditions such as heart disease. They may be able to reduce high blood pressure levels. A person will also be able to reduce the pain in trigger areas such as the lower back and the neck. Alexander Djerassi believes this will make their day more enjoyable. Yoga can even help with some conditions such as asthma so a person can enjoy an improved quality of life.


Yoga will allow a person to meditate. They will be able to do something that will allow them to get in touch with their inner needs. They will be able to relax and block out the world around them. This is something that most people do not have the time to do. In the morning a person should take some time for themselves. This is not being selfish. It is allowing a person to enjoy the morning and get a good start to the day.

Where to Practice Yoga

If a person wants to practice yoga they can attend a class. Some yoga studios are offering classes online due to the pandemic.

These are some of the benefits to practicing yoga and enjoying yoga in the morning. Yoga will allow a person to improve their flexibility. They will be able to be alert and will be ready to start the day. Yoga is said to improve outlook and attitude. This is a great way to begin a day and enjoy a positive experience daily.

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