Teen Dies After Trying to Kill Herself Because She Feared Being Alone During Coronavirus Lockdown

British teen Emily Owen, who feared isolation because of the coronavirus, died Sunday, four days after she had attempted suicide, UK media reported.

De Niro Orders Americans to Stay Home in Celebrity Coronavirus PSA — Gets Told to ‘F Off’

Robert De Niro ordered New Yorkers to stay home as part of a celebrity video campaign to promote public compliance with a statewide coronavirus lockdown.

Britney Spears Shares ‘Socialist Propaganda’ — Gets Praised for Starting Communist ‘Uprising’

Britney Spears endorsed the idea of wealth redistribution, leading critics and fans to wonder whether the iconic pop star had turned full-blown socialist.

Pornhub Makes Premium Version Free for All Americans to Fight Coronavirus

Pornhub made its premium offering free in the United States and across the world in the name of fighting the spreading coronavirus.

‘Nasty Mothsf*cker’ Licks Groceries in Viral Coronavirus Video — Gets Hit With Terror Charge

Cody Pfister, 26, a Missouri man who licked items at a grocery store in a viral coronavirus-themed video was charged with making a terrorist threat.

Trump Pushes Through Massive Stimulus Bill — Americans to Get Payments Up to $3,000

The Senate and the Trump administration agreed on a roughly $2 trillion measure that would send direct payments and jobless benefits to individuals.

Poll: Trump More Trustworthy Than Media on Coronavirus

Americans trust President Donald Trump more than they do the media to provide accurate information about the coronavirus, according to a CBS News poll.

Dow Just Made Biggest One-Day Gain Since 1933

The Dow soared in its biggest one-day percentage gain since 1933 on Tuesday after U.S. lawmakers said they were close to a deal.

Trump Approval Rating Hits All-Time High on Strength of Coronavirus Response

President Donald Trump's approval rating has returned to the high-water mark of his presidency amid the coronavirus outbreak, according to a Gallup poll.

Trump Says We’re Going to Have ‘Suicides by the Thousands’ If Economy Doesn’t Reopen Soon

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that coronavirus restrictions, which have shut down businesses in many places across the country, could themselves lead to suicides or other fatalities.

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