AOC Outraged Cops Didn’t Treat Pro-Gun Rally Like Violent Black Lives Matter Riots: ‘Racism’

AOC claimed were "almost no police officers" at Monday's Second Amendment rally outside the Virginia Capitol and suggested this proves America is racist.

Meghan Markle’s Dad Slams Her for ‘Cheapening’ Royal Family: ‘Walmart With a Crown On’

Meghan Markle’s estranged father, Thomas Markle, accused his daughter in an interview of “cheapening” the British royal family.

Dem Operative Shares Tweet Calling Gun-Rights Advocates Terrorists

Zainab Javed, the Democratic Governors Association's creative director, shared a tweet calling it "terrorism" to legally carry rifles.

British Actor Reveals He Dumped His Girlfriend Because She Was ‘Too Woke’

Laurence Fox, who revealed recently that he once dumped a girlfriend because she was "too woke," is catching flak for his anti-progressive views.

Denver Post Columnist Fired After Arguing There Are Two Sexes

Jon Caldara, a Denver Post columnist, said Friday he was fired after disputing the idea that there are more than two sexes.

Fears of Violence at Virginia Gun Rally Appear to Be Completely Overblown

Despite fears that neo-Nazis or other extremists would piggyback on the Richmond rally to stoke violence like the rioting at a 2017 demonstration by white nationalists in Charlottesville that killed a counter-protester, the Capitol Police reported no arrests by 1 p.m. ET.

NBC Says White Nationalists ‘Swarming’ Capitol — Then Forced to Admit 2A Rally 100% Peaceful

MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin on Monday claimed white nationalists were among the thousands "swarming" the Virginia capitol building in Richmond.

Black Gun Owners Show Up at Virginia 2A Rally — Shatter Media’s ‘White Supremacy’ Narrative

Black people who turned out for a Second Amendment rally outside the Virginia capitol building undermined attempts to tar the event as "white supremacist."

Virginia Sheriff Goes Viral During Pro-Gun Rally — Vows Not to Enforce ‘Unconstitutional’ Laws

A Virginia sheriff went viral on Monday after he vowed not to enforce "unconstitutional" bills being proposed by the state's lawmakers.

Virginia Lawmaker Walks Into Town Meeting With AR-15 Strapped to His Chest

Councilman Nathan Clark walked into the Portsmouth City Hall meeting on Tuesday night with a Smith and Wesson M&P 15 hanging from a strap.

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