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It seems that the larger issue, despite all of the rhetoric about how the Supreme Court is destroying democracy this week, is the fact that democracy currently favors Republicans.

The Republican Party is currently leading the general ballot with a solid lead, except for two instances in the last week.

Democrats took the opportunity of the NPR/PBS/Marist poll last week, which had their party up by seven points, to prove that the majority of the country did, in fact, support the Democratic majority against the “extremist” GOP. But virtually every poll since November has shown otherwise – and certainly, no poll has shown something as drastic as a seven-point lead for the party in power.

Emerson’s most recent poll shows Republicans ahead by just 3 points (46-43). However, it is the small details that are most dangerous.

In 2024, 64% think that President Biden should become the Democratic nominee, and 36% believe he shouldn’t. The 2024 Republican Primary will see 55% support Trump’s predecessor, 22% Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and 9% Mike Pence as the candidates. The GOP has not yet identified a candidate who can surpass 5%.

Trump currently holds 44% support, while Biden is 39%; the former President Trump would have 39%. The 12% who vote for Biden will choose someone else. “Since last month, Trump has held his share of support while Biden’s support has reduced four points.”

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Each side of the political spectrum should take note of some key points in this poll.

  • In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision in the DobbsIn this case 59% of voters believe Congress should adopt a law authorizing abortion.
  • Mixed results were seen at the January 6th hearings. 35% say that Trump’s issue is making them less likely to vote again. 32% claim it is making them more likely. 28% state it doesn’t make any difference.
  • Emerson states that 58% of voters believe the economy to be their greatest issue. That is nine percentage points higher than in May’s poll.
  • Three quarters of those surveyed (33%) said that travel plans have been affected by the changing economic environment. This is due to high gas prices. 18.9% have had to change their plans due to problems with flying.

This should inform both parties about their future election strategies. We’re at the point in the election cycle where voters are solidifying their November choices, and barring a major scandal, it looks as though Republicans are holding an advantage. Certainly, there are places where Democrats can make gains, but the problem is that Democrats really aren’t listening to American voters. Only their far-left, vocal base.

I mention yesterday his victory at the Supreme Court. Biden v. TexasJoe Biden now has the responsibility for our current immigration crisis at our borders, which is getting worse each day. In other polling, we’re consistently seeing that immigration is a top five issue for voters right now. As much as the Democrats are trying to ignore it, it’s impossible. The border is in crisis and the political party is not doing anything about it.

Given their position in the polls right now, you’d think that the Democrats would be adjusting. The problem is that they don’t actually appear to know how to govern. They have been able to rule via judicial fiat up until this year – the Supreme Court has returned several issues important to Democrats to the states. The Supreme Court is now being attacked by the Democrats, and they are being forced to govern.

It’s not a new phenomenon, either. Barack Obama had complete control of Washington D.C. including the filibuster-proof Senate. He chose to adopt the Affordable Care Act. This was a weak attempt to reform the healthcare and insurance industries. It only alienated American voters. On the campaign trail, he promised to codify Roe V. Wade. He could have passed the Democrats’ dream gun control bill. He could have consolidated the Democratic agenda over a lifetime. The courts supported him, but he didn’t.

Both the Democratic Party, and the Biden Administration are now facing the consequences. The result is a political bloodbath. It is evident from all polling.

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