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Although you may not see MIT as a school for Bible study, it is actually hosting a deeper dive into the scriptures.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology houses a Rainbow Lounge, run by the school’s LGBTQ+ Services. The department describes itself as “an intercultural campus resource for diverse gender, romantic, and sexual identities.”

Each Thursday, LBGTQ+ Services team up with Harvard University to offer a Christian devotion.

Participants are welcome to sign up for the MIT/Harvard Queer Bible Study on this page:

Hello! We’re so excited that you’re interested in joining us for Bible study this spring. We hope to establish a space that is queer and trans-affirming by engaging with Mark’s Gospel. This will allow us to bring all of our desires and lives into dialogue with Jesus Christ. We’ll be meeting each Thursday evening from from Feb. 17th – Apr. Zoom will host our meetings, which we may be able attend in person later on the semester depending on the health of the participants.

Every facet of society seems to be affected by sexuality. Bible study used to be so inextricably sexualized that it was only allowed for children. However, we see a world that needs niches more than ever. Perhaps a queer Bible class is just an updated Young Marrieds class. Faith is becoming #Pride-friendly in any case.

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It was a momentous month for news. The Baylor University, a revered Christian institution, christened Prism as its first LGBT student group.

America’s culture used to be influenced by religion at one time. However, culture has evolved. These days, if churches cling to traditional idealogy, they’re likely to hemorrhage parishioners. And even if they keep up, the outlook isn’t what it used to be:

Back to MIT, Campus Reform notes the school recently held its Lavender Graduation in the Rainbow Lounge. The ceremony was followed by a party for “Alumnx.”

LGBT Services are on the move. Its website includes dedicated pages for “Trans” and also “QTPoC.”

This page provides MIT students access to the most recent resources and programs. The QTPoC page will always be up-to-date, so take some time to look through the QTPoC content.

QTPoC provides support for trans and queer individuals of color. It allows them to get together once a month to chat, watch movies and share their experiences. QTPoC’s first phase is all about socializing online and helping to build community.  What have you done?  How have you been? Do you have anything to share with us?  QTPoC’s second section could be a game program or an event.  You are welcome to come along with your friends and join us at any moment.  QTPoC offers a place for LBGTQ+ students to connect with the MIT community.

Education — like religion — once existed apart from sexuality in a general sense. However, sexual identity has become a part of our cultural fabric. You might find an American Pride flag alongside a Pride one these days. As we move forward, maybe a Christian flag will be found beside an American one.



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