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Man Goes Viral for ‘Empowering’ Female Companion to Carry Water Jug Herself: ‘True Gender Equality’

A video of a man offering limited help to a woman carrying a water jug has gone viral as a commentary on evolving gender norms. 

The Twitter clip shows the young pair walking along a city street. The woman is struggling to tote a heavy water jug, and has to stop and set it on the sidewalk. The man turns and picks up the jug for his female companion.

That’s when events take a non-traditional turn. Rather than schlepping the jug himself, the man hoists it onto the woman’s shoulder. He then picks up his purse-like handbag, which he had set down, and follows the woman as she teeters onward.

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The video was originally shared to Twitter Friday by Pedro Rodríguez Bermejo, a Spanish-language blogger who describes his area of interest as “cinema and eroticism.”

Posting under the name Peter LeTour, he said: “The traditional roles of men and women have changed. I think it’s great, but I will continue to feel very bad if a lady doesn’t let me help her in cases like this. You judge!”

Bermejo did not immediately respond to Pluralist’s request for information about the backstory of the video, which has racked up 1.3 million views.

On Sunday, conservative commentators picked up the meme, embracing it as a symbol of the decline of masculinity.

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Opinion columnist Rita Panahi tweeted simply: “Chivalry,” adding a face-palm emoji. 

Two minutes later, a pro-Trump meme-maker known only as Carpe Donktum also reposted the video.

“This is true gender equality,” he said. “Enjoy it ladies, it’s empowering!”

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