London Police Mocked for Confiscating a Spoon in ‘Dangerous’ Weapons Bust

“No-one wants a repeat of the Regents Park dessert spoon massacre.”

London police officers triumphantly announced Tuesday that they had seized a weapons cache, only to be ruthlessly mocked by Americans.

The Regents Park Police, who are responsible for a ward of London’s Camden borough, tweeted a photo of the contraband, which included an assortment of old kitchen knives, a broken fencing sword, and a rusty spoon. They said they had swooped in a day earlier at the request of a local charity to ensure the implements didn’t “get into the wrong hands.”

Independent journalist Tim Poole retweeted the post, noting: “Theres a fucking spoon and butter knife in this photo.”

“The UK has gone mad,” he said.

“They CHOSE to include the spoon,” Poole added in a followup tweet. “They could have just left it out. They really do think spoons are dangerous.”

In the replies, one concerned citizen said he had a silverware drawer to report.

“Cereal killer” trolled a user whose bio says he’s a former U.S. police officer.

Dozens of commenters took shots at the United Kingdom’s reputation as a heavily regulated – not to say unfree and hyper-politically correct – island.

However, British Twitter users saw the humor in the Regents Police tweet, too. Scottish journalist Liam Kirkaldy helpfully shared a zoomed-in image of the spoon.

Londoner Adrian Short sarcastically expressed appreciation that police were keeping locals safe from the next “spoon massacre.”

London really does have a knife problem. It’s just that officials have responded in ways conservatives in America would never tolerate, and liberals can only dream of.

Last April, amid a spate of deadly stabbings and a spike in the city’s murder rate, London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced a crackdown on knife crime, warning that anyone caught packing “will feel the full force of the law.”

Enter the Regents Park Police. According to their Twitter feed, the officers routinely conduct weapons sweeps, which have seen then take a variety of potentially harmful household items off the streets.

Last March, they boasted that they had safely disposed of some scissors, along with pliers, screwdrivers and a wood file.

A couple months later, in May, the Regents Park Police congratulated the Jubilee Police, another north London squad, on a similarly impressive bust, which included a heavily corroded wrench, a butter knife and a paint scraper.

“Great work,” wrote the Regents Park Police’s Twitter account, retweeting their colleague’s #CombatKnifeCrime announcement. “More deadly implements taken off the streets. Anything can be used as a weapon.”

Neither account appeared to be joking, and they are not parodies.

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