Twitter User Asks What Plus-Size Pop Superstar ‘Can’t Do’ — Replies Include ‘Touch Her Toes’

A tweet featuring a photo of Lizzo accompanied by a caption reading “is there anything she CANT do?” went viral this week, with many users mocking the plus-sized pop star’s weight.

Lizzo is a rapper and singer-songwriter whose popularity has exploded recently, buoyed greatly by support from the LGBT community and progressives who see her as a uniquely woke alternative to most mainstream pop artists.

In a Queerty profile from earlier this year, the “Truth Hurts” singer is described as someone who “spreads sex-positivity and body-positivity through her music and her public persona.”

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“Lizzo creates music that celebrates the beauty of being different,” Queerty’s Rashad Sultana wrote in a piece celebrating the singer’s selection as one of 50 “trailblazing individuals who actively ensure society remains moving towards equality, acceptance and dignity for all queer people.”

A Twitter user on Tuesday tweeted out the photo of Lizzo from her performance at the BET Awards 2019 in June.

The caption appeared to nod toward fans’ perception that Lizzo is talented in multiple areas: as a singer, songwriter, rapper, progressive icon, body-positive activist.

She’s even an accomplished flautist:

“You’re absolutely disgusting”

But most of the responses to the original tweet were mocking.

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“touch her toes,” tweeted conservative social media strategist Caleb Hull.

“lose weight, run, walk for long distances, breathe regularly, fit into regular sized clothes…should i keep going or stop for now,” tweeted one user, whose comment reflected the majority of replies.

Amid the avalanche of commenters mocking Lizzo’s full-figured physique, some users pushed back against the fat-shaming.

In a followup tweet, jefpods, the original user who posted the tweet, made clear that it was not meant as sincere praise for Lizzo.

jefpods’ Twitter bio identifies the user as a “troll account.”

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