Woman Outraged She Was Kicked Out of Men-Only Barbershop for Being a Woman

An Oklahoma woman says a men-only barbershop is sexist for booting her out of the establishment – but the owner claims he’s not doing anything businesses aimed at women aren’t already doing.

“In New York City, there’s over 17 women’s only clubs where women can go and do the salon thing,” Daxton Nichols, the owner of King’s Kuts in Ponca City, told NBC affiliate KFOR last week.

“They can go get their nails done, hair done, talk business amongst each other, and do that whole women’s power hear me roar stuff.”

Maliki Skowroski, who recently accompanied her husband to King’s Kuts before being asked to leave, disagrees.

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“It’s not cute no matter how you describe it. It’s not cute. You can’t treat people that way,” she told KFOR.

“Nobody was there. I wasn’t offending somebody with my presence.”

According to Skowroski, King’s Kuts’ policy is pure chauvinism.

But the barber, Scott Seagraves, who asked Skowroski to leave says he did so says he wasn’t trying to discriminate against her.

Seagraves said King’s Kuts’ strives to create a “man cave” atmosphere for clients.

“We want guys to be able to come in here and be guys,” Seagraves said.

“Not have to worry what they say or what they talk about because there’s a lady present.”

Nichols considers his barbershop a private club and said that members pay a $20 membership “fee” – for haircuts – to belong.

He also said he’s not planning on changing the policy in the near future.

“What are we doing to hurt somebody’s feelings? Show me where we hurt you really,” Nichols told KFOR.

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“I mean this is people getting offended just because they can.”

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