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Outraged Feminists Ban Anyone From Mentioning the Age of Keanu Reeves’ New Girlfriend

Actor Keanu Reeves went public on Saturday with his girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, and feminists quickly got defensive about her age. 

Tabloids declared the longtime business collaborators a couple after they were photographed holding hands Saturday at the LACMA Art +Film Gala in Los Angeles. Reports noted that Reeves, 55, is a longtime bachelor.

They also made sure to mention that Grant is a respectable 46 years old.

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On Twitter, advocates of female empowerment hailed Reeves as a rare male ally.

Many users praised him for dating someone they deemed “age appropriate.”

One actress said she would perform sex on Reeves to show her appreciation for his act of feminism.

A male liberal consultant said that Reeves had proved yet again to be “the coolest.”

It was hard to find a critical tweet about the couple, though quite a few commenters said they mistook Grant for English actress Helen Mirren, who is 74 years old.

Still, the outrage machine managed to kickstart itself, with users responding to all sorts of alleged slights against Grant, including that she has gray hair.

Some professed to be upset that people were talking about Grant’s age at all.

Model and feminist activist Emily Sears instead wanted everyone to acknowledge how lucky Reeves is to be dating a “highly accomplished artist, a philanthropist and a babe.”

Others complained that the patriarchy wins when Reeves gets credit for dating someone nine years his junior.

A number of users chose to indignantly spotlight an obscure Twitter account that sprang up to make fun of Grant for her age and looks. The account was quickly removed.

Feminists claimed Keanu Reeves before Alexandra Grant

The cultural response was similarly laudatory after actress Helena Bonham Carter declared Sunday that dating younger men is “much more fun.” But in the #MeToo era, few declared actor Dennis Quaid an empowered man for announcing his engagement to to a 26-year-old PhD student. But actress

Reeves — who has lately experienced something of a career renaissance — has won praise from feminists before. In June, his apparently longstanding use of the “hover hand” technique in photos with women was cited as evidence of his respect for women.

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However, other Twitter users saw Reeves as simply trying to protect himself at a time when many powerful men are fearful of sexual misconduct allegations.

“Lol Keanu ain’t taking no chances,” tweeted one man.

The post went viral.

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