Kathy Griffin Gets Into Twitter Battle With GOP House Hopeful: ‘You’re a Pathetic Hack’

“We must stop him.”

Comedian Kathy Griffin lashed out at conservative House-hopeful Wendy Rogers for using an old, controversial video by Griffin in an attack ad against her Democrat opponent, Rep. Tom O’Halleran.

Rogers is running against O’Halleran to represent Arizona’s first congressional district.

The ad uses images of “radical left extremists,” including pictures from the women’s march in Washington DC in January of 2017, David Hogg (the gun reform advocate who survived the Parkland, Florida shooting), and an image of Kathy Griffin depicting her holding up the decapitated head of President Trump.

The ad claimed that the liberal “extremists” like Griffin, Hogg, and apparently women in general, aimed to open the borders, strip away gun rights, and impeach the president if they took control of congress after the midterm elections.

Griffin released the original photo of the beheaded president a year ago, and had hell to pay. The ​backlash even led many networks, including CNN, to cut ties with the comedienne.

When Griffin saw her photo was used in Roger’s campaign, she was none too pleased. “You’re a pathetic hack Wendy,” Griffin tweeted.

Rogers replied, seemingly happy to have “triggered” the comedian.

​​Griffin, however, true to form, refused to back down.

​​Rogers’s response to being called out on a low blow was pulled straight from the conservative distraction playbook. Namely, “Hey, look at the stock market!”

​​Rogers will face off against O’Halleran in the general midterm election on November 6.

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