Mom Drops Her Own Baby to Fight Another Woman in Parking Lot – Now She’s Charged With Felony Murder

Georgia police say a 3-month-old child, dropped onto pavement by his mother while she engaged in a parking lot street fight with another woman on Friday, has died, WALB10 reported.

The incident, which took place in a parking lot in front of a beauty supply store, was captured by surveillance cameras.  Karen Lashun Harrison, 26, is seen on video dropping her baby and lunging at an unnamed woman, who just seconds prior had taken a swing at her.

Onlookers rushed to pick up the fallen child as Harrison continued to fight with the other woman. On Saturday, Harrison’s son was taken to a local hospital, where he later died of his injuries.

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Harrison told police it was her sister-in-law, Carneata Clark, who dropped the infant. Clark corroborated the account and has been charged with making false statements and obstruction of an officer.

In an interview with WALB10, Clark expressed support for Harrison.

“People on the outside looking in, they don’t even know the whole story, you feel me, I feel like, free Karen, all the way,” said Clark.

“If y’all know Karen, she takes care of her kids, y’all know how she feel about her kids, y’all know what she’ll do for her kids, y’all know that she is not no bad person,” she added.

However, District Attorney Brad Shealy told WALB10 that early reports appear to indicate neglect contributed to the death of Harrison’s infant son.

“Preliminary information indicates that the baby died as a result of medical attention not being sought and based upon that, the warrant was issued for felony murder,” Shealy said.

What does the viral fight video phenomenon say about our culture?

The social media age ushered in with it a wave of violent viral fight footage served up by outlets like WorldStarHipHop, LiveLeak and their imitators. On the back of shocking cell-phone videos submitted by users, Lee ‘Q’ O’Denat, the late founder of WorldStarHipHop, built his venture into a profitable enterprise that once ranked among the world’s most popular websites.

Meanwhile, it seems like scarcely a day goes by without footage of a random street brawl going viral on platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Some have questioned whether the public’s fascination with such videos is a sign of cultural decline.

In 2013, Quadeer Shakur, the Universal Zulu Nation’s minister of information, excoriated the founder of WorldStarHipHop in an open letter.

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“Doesn’t it bother you just a little that another black man (that man being yourself), has ‘made it’ out of the ‘ghetto’, only to display unnerving images and videos of young adults berating, belittling, and beating each other solely for the purpose of the enjoyment of who you are led to believe are ‘millions of Hip-Hoppers?’” Shakur wrote.

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