Jordan Peterson Dunks on Google After It Admits Anti-Male Bias: Remember James Damore?

“Might be fun to talk again.”

Jordan Peterson gave James Damore a virtual chest bump on Twitter Monday after Google accidentally discovered that it has been underpaying male employees.

The Canadian psychologist had previously interviewed Damore about the ex-Google engineer’s now-famous memo accusing the internet giant of discriminating against men – which got him fired. On Monday, Peterson fraternally suggested that now would be a good time for the two men to speak again.

Damore was dismissed from Google in August 2017 over an internal memo he wrote condemning what he characterized as the company’s wrongheaded diversity policies, which he attributed to liberal groupthink by employees. The engineer argued that women are less represented than men in tech and leadership positions in part because of biological differences between the sexes, and that these average divergences in talent and interest should be accommodated rather than denied or “corrected.”

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As the memo spread throughout Google and into the press, it provoked widespread liberal outrage. Some scientists said that Damore had misunderstood the science he cited in his memo. However, on the right, Damore was widely hailed for injecting common sense into Silicon Valley’s progressive thought bubble.

Peterson was among the experts who endorsed Damore’s grasp of the relevant gender research. In their interview on YouTube, Peterson said the memo was well-supported by the facts and is “certainly not an anti-diversity screed.”

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Later in August, Damore filed a lawsuit against Google for wrongful termination, saying he and other employees were punished for being white conservative men.

The revelation that Google has a gender pay gap in favor of women would seem to give credence, at minimum, to Damore’s claims about the company’s hyper-woke culture.

To be fair, though, after discovering the pay gap via an internal study promoted by a lawsuit by female employees, Google honored its commitment to equality by paying out an additional $9.7 million in salary to 10,677 employees, most of them men.

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