Joe Rogan Reveals Who’d Win in a Fight Between Trump and Biden

“Trump would kick him in the face like a soccer ball.”

​Podcast host, comedian, and MMA enthusiast Joe Rogan revealed Friday who he thinks would win in a fight between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump.

Rogan’s prognosis came during an episode of the popular “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast featuring radio personality Anthony Cumia.

Responding to remarks made by Biden in March, in which he declared he would take Trump “behind the gym and beat the hell out of him” if they were in high school, Rogan expressed his belief that Trump would emerge the victor of any physical confrontation.

“I think Trump is meaner. And I think Biden would make a mistake,” the former host of “Fear Factor” said. “He would swing, and he would slip, and he would fall, and he would fuck his knee up, and Trump would kick him in the face like a soccer ball.”

Rogan, in his capacity as longtime commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is no stranger to making fight picks. The 51-year-old renaissance man is a formidable mixed martial artist in his own right who holds a black belt in 10th Planet jiu jitsu and in Brazilian jiu jitsu, and was a Massachusetts full contact Tae Kwon Do champion for four consecutive years.

Nor is he alone in declaring Trump the winner of a hypothetical pugilistic matchup with Biden. Earlier this year, professional MMA oddsmaker Joey Oddessa ​pegged Trump as a -185 favorite in a fight with underdog Biden and said that the president would put the former Delaware senator “down fast and hard.”

Oddessa’s assessment of the fighting prowess of the ideologically divergent politicians squares with social science research on the physical differences between conservatives and liberals.

Several ​studies have found links between greater physical strength and aggression and conservative politics.

According to researchers from Griffith University, men with greater upper body strength and more aggressive attitudes tend to gravitate toward right wing views, The Telegraph ​reported in 2012.

A 2017 study by Brunel University ​revealed that “more muscular men were less egalitarian, and the number of hours actually spent in the gym was also linked to having less egalitarian socioeconomic beliefs,” findings liberal outlet Broadly ​interpreted as “Gym Bros More Likely to Be Right-Wing Assholes, Science Confirms.”

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