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There’s no better sign that an administration is collapsing and has run out of excuses than when you start seeing proclamations that things could always be worse. That’s the latest message coming from Ronald Klain, the puppet-master Chief of Staff behind Joe Biden’s presidency.

Klain’s Twitter habit of retweeting bizarre things has made him famous. Jennifer Rubin was one of his favourites. Still, I think this latest example may be the politically dumbest thing he’s put on social media.

You see, according to President Klain, the inflation and supply chain issues plaguing the country are  “high-class” problems and are actually evidence that Biden’s policies are working.

That’s quite the spin being applied to a situation that is crushing middle-class Americans. There is no way that unemployment could be lower than 10%, unless the government had taken complete control. Insinuating that Biden somehow prevented us from reaching double-digit unemployment would be absurd. COVID-19 in 2020 put the economy into an artificial coma. Many people were able to return to work by simply lifting restrictions from the states. Biden, however, has stifled the recovery by imposing asinine energy and employment policies.

Beyond that, unemployment rates are a horrible indicator of how many people have quit the workforce and the number of job opportunities available. Clearly, there is still a labor shortage that Klain isn’t wanting to admit to. The supply chain challenges facing the country are being hampered by this shortage. There aren’t enough truck drivers to service the ports in California, and fuel prices have raised the costs for everyone involved.

Still, it’s incredibly tone-deaf to use the phrase “high-class” when talking about inflation. The lowest and middle classes are most affected by inflation. Inflation eats away at their savings and puts a strain on their finances. It’s actually the rich who are able to absorb inflation the best because they have the most disposable income. This should be apparent to all those who comment on the subject.

Klain believes that the main point is in the misdirection. He wants to spin a wild tale about Biden taking over a collapsing economy when he didn’t. Rather, the administration has made things so much worse that we are now at the phase of Biden’s implosion where objectively bad news is celebrated as good news while the media clap like seals. I’m pretty sure that kind of messaging isn’t going to resonate, though, certainly not when people see their bank accounts dwindling while they can’t even find Christmas presents because the supply chains are clogged.

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