Drunken Woman Who Stabbed Man With Stiletto Gets $250 Fine – No Conviction

“It was a drunken act. It was my 21st birthday and it’s not me.”

The Australian mother of a 19-year-old man who suffered a gruesome scalp injury after being assaulted with a stiletto heel is speaking out after her son’s 21-year-old attacker received a $250 fine and was not convicted of the offense, even though she plead guilty last week and the unprovoked attack was caught on camera.

The victim, Kyle Johns, and his mother, Susan, believe that reverse sexism might have something to do with the lenient punishment doled out to the female assailant, Jazzmin Fry.

“[I’m] devastated to be honest. If the roles were reversed would I be getting pretty much the same slap on the wrist?” Johns told 9News.

During a February night out on the town, the teen was attacked in Brisbane’s China Town Mall by an enraged and drunken Fry, who was a complete stranger to him. Cellphone footage taken by witnesses on the scene showed Johns walking away while Fry approached him in a threatening manner.

“It was a drunken act. It was my 21st birthday and it’s not me. I don’t know why I did that and I wasn’t in the right mind frame,” Fry told 9News, who cornered the Brisbane woman outside the office of her former employer, who has since fired her.

Johns described the attack, which left him laying in a pool of his own blood and required physicians to staple his scalp closed, to the Australian news outlet: “(She) comes to the middle of China Town with her heels in her hand and stabs me in the crown of my head.”

Fry yelled “Want my fucking heel through your eyeball cunt?” before carrying out the attack.

After Fry plead guilty to the assault she was hit with the $250 fine from a local magistrate. No conviction was recorded. Johns’ mother believes Fry deserved a tougher sentence. “My son could have died,” Susan told 9News.

“It’s a joke,” she added.

Fry was pressed on whether she’d been out partying since the incident. “Most certainly not,” she told 9News. “I haven’t even been drinking since.”

However, 9News obtained photographs of Fry, which appeared to contradict her statement. In the images, Fry is seen drinking with friends before a music festival, only weeks after her assault on Johns.

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