Dem Rep Calls Witnesses ‘Heroic’ – Twitter Points Out She’s Got a Paper Clip Stuck in Her Hair

Rep. Jackie Speier addressed witnesses during President Donald Trump’s impeachment hearing on Wednesday with a paper clip stuck in her hair – and the internet took notice.

The California Democrat lauded the actions of the two career U.S. diplomats – William Taylor and George Kent – testifying before the House Intelligence Committee.

“Thank you both for your true heroic efforts both today and also throughout your careers,” she said.

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As several users on Twitter pointed out, Speier made the remarks with a paper clip in her hair.


Some commenters were mildly distracted by the paper clip.

“You know what was driving me insane about these hearings today? Rep. Jackie Speier had a paper clip in her hair!” tweeted one commenter.

Others wondered how it had gotten there in the first place.

And still other commenters suggested the media covered Speier’s sartorial faux pas because of sexism.

“I would just like to point out that this probably wouldn’t be news if she was a man,” tweeted one Twitter user.

The hearing

Senior Democratic and Republican lawmakers presented dueling narratives on Wednesday as a congressional impeachment inquiry that threatens Trump’s presidency entered a crucial new phase with the first televised public hearing.

The drama unfolded in a hearing of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee in which two career U.S. diplomats – Taylor and George Kent – voiced alarm over the Republican president and those around him pressuring Ukraine to conduct investigations that would benefit Trump politically.

The public hearings are scheduled for Wednesday and Friday.

With a potential television audience of tens of millions looking on, Rep. Adam Schiff opened the historic session – the first impeachment drama in two decades – in an ornate hearing room packed with journalists, lawmakers and members of the public.

Schiff’s accusations that Trump abused his power was met by a staunch denial by the panel’s senior Republican, Devin Nunes, of the Republican president’s complicity in a saga that revolves around whether Trump and his aides improperly pressured Ukraine to dig up dirt on a political rival for his political benefit.

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(Reuters contributed to this report.)

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