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It is funny to watch the left eat itself as different factions blame each other for the Biden Administration CF. However, it can be quite amusing to see the idea of divisions becoming irreparable. Contrary to the right, the left is more inclined to join hands when it is crunch time, and support someone or something rather than taking the ball away and returning home every so often. Our current mess is explained by the fact that there’s no large conservative tent. Ronald Reagan was the Great Man who preached the truth of the eleventh commandment. It isn’t even on the right now. This is an issue for another time.

As of late, the left’s self-directed ire has focused on Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema for the unspeakable crimes of putting their constituents first and refusing to rubber-stamp Biden’s various crackpot schemes masquerading as societal revitalization. They have been unwavering in their determination, much to the delight and satisfaction of conservatives, despite Sinema and Manchin being ideologically opposed on most issues. Sinema critics are now whispering on the birdbrain wires (i.e. Twitter) that Sinema is preparing for a bid for 2024 White House.

This is because the source of this talk comes from Amy SiskindInstead of using the grain of salt, which is his primary goal, one could use an entire salt lick. This is an interesting idea.

Consider the current state of affairs at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and no, this isn’t a Kamala Harris personal history reference. The hottest race in the land is presently between Biden’s utter ineptitude and alarmingly increasing senility. Despite the lapdog media and sneering elite’s (pardon the redundancy) best efforts to yell squirrel, the rapid price increases across the entire spectrum of consumer goods, provided there are goods on the shelf for which prices can increase, have a direct impact on everyone who works for a living. The media succeeded in convincing enough people in 2020 that Trump is a meanypants and you shouldn’t vote for him. In 2024 it will be unable to drown out cash register realities and angry consumer voices.

Let’s not forget that, regardless of the declarations made, Biden will never be allowed to run for president in 2024. And if he is, it will likely be difficult to make enough noise to conceal the truth. This isn’t 1944 when the media of the time (newspapers, newsreels shown at the local movie theater, radio) could and did keep the public in the dark over FDR’s failing health. Those who are Democrats today know that such an approach is not possible.

So the options for those left are limited. Hillary yet again? Too old. The same with Bernie. Kamala? You need to be serious. Michelle Obama? Possibly, but who knows if she’ll run or not. Which leaves … the field wide open. Enter Kyrsten Sinema.

Sinema, if she is considering running for office, knows that she faces multiple obstacles. America is ready to elect a bisexual, single woman to the highest office. Her preferences may not be an advantage to her chances. The party she represents is scathing of her bravery in standing up against the federal oversight system. Given the country’s tendency to go from liberal to conservative and back again when it comes to selecting a President, her mostly liberal policy stances will most likely not be in favor come 2024, although she will have the advantage of not having bowed the knee to Baal … er, Biden.

It is not known if Sinema will run. Sinema is a mystery, but there are some tantalizing clues politically.

From the beginning, her struggles were evident. Sinema tells us so in her 2009 autobiographical treatise, “Unite and Conquer: How to Build Coalitions That Win and Last.” She was a “bomb thrower” — someone who makes fiery, indignant speeches that accomplish nothing. Then she reinvented itself. Sinema became a deal maker and was willing to work with everyone on whatever she saw as productive.

We will see if Sinema plans to run for the top office. Her decision is something to be proud of.

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