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Topless Models Try to Distract Pitcher During World Series — He Wins and They Get Banned

Three Instagram models interrupted Game Five of the World Series in Washington, D.C., on Sunday by lifting up their shirts to expose themselves to the pitcher. 

The stunt — by Julia Rose, Lauren Summer and Kayla Lauren — was caught on the Fox Sports broadcast of the game, and quickly shared by fans on social media. The women were promoting Rose’s topless digital publication and claimed to also be fundraising for breast cancer.

However, they paid a price for their promotional nudity, getting indefinitely banned from all Major League Baseball events.

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Sitting a few rows behind home plate, the models stood up during the bottom of the seventh inning in matching yellow T-shirts emblazoned with “Shagmag” and revealed to the TV audience that they were not wearing bras.

The topless trio was also directly in the line of sight of Houston Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole, who had just given up his first run of the night. With the Astros still leading the Washington Nationals by three runs, and the teams tied 2-2 in the series, Cole was trying to close out a dominant performance.

After the models flashed him, Cole turned away from the plate and walked around the pitcher’s mound as the batter called for a timeout. It is unclear whether he was distracted by the display. The women were escorted out by security.

Rose, whose scantily clad photos have earned her 2.8 million followers on Instagram, later retweeted several clips of the stunt, commenting on one, “Guilty as charged.”

In a followup tweet, she said that “the wind blew up my top.”

Summer said in an Instagram story that she “had to do it for the Internet.”

For her part, Lauren tweeted what she called a “Police HQ bathroom selfie.”

The three models then appeared in a Twitter video together, promoting Shagmag and advocating against cancer.

None of the women specified which breast cancer charity they wanted fans to donate to, though Summer decorate her Twitter page with pink breast cancer awareness ribbons.

Rose and Summer both included links on their Twitter pages inviting fans to donate to their Patreon accounts in exchange for access to exclusive photos and videos of them.

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Hours after recording to the video, Rose shared a photo of a letter she apparently received from David Thomas, vice president of security and ballpark operations at Nationals Park, commenting, “Sh–.”\

“On October 27, 2019, you attended World Series Game 5 at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C.,” the letter said. “During the game, you violated the fan code of conduct by exposing yourself during the seventh inning in order to promote a business. You were also part of a scheme in which you induced others to expose themselves to promote the business. You are hereby banned from all Major League Baseball stadiums and facilities, indefinitely.”

Summer also tweeted a photo of the letter with her reaction: “Whoops.”

She said that she, Rose and Lauren had “flashed our boobies for breast cancer” and asked followers to “donate to breast cancer.”

Meanwhile, Cole seemed unbothered by the model’s antics. He went on to retire the side in order in his final inning of the game. The Astros won 7-1, taking a 3-2 lead in the series.

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