Indian Man Jailed for Refusing to Marry Woman He Had One-Night Stand With on Tinder

Under color of a controversial Indian rape law, a man was jailed following his refusal to marry a woman he had a one-night stand with after meeting her on Tinder.

According to the Bangalore Mirror, it all started when 29-year-old Rama Reddy matched with a female coworker on the popular dating app a few months ago. The Mirror referred to the woman by the name Meera, an alias, for privacy reasons. The two exchanged text messages for a month, eventually meeting and consummating the relationship. When the pair spoke the day after having sex, Meera said she wanted a long-term commitment.

Reddy, on the other hand, wanted out of the relationship.

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Meera responded by filing a police complaint at the Whitefield police station. In it, she alleged that Reddy invited her to his apartment on June 3 and that she felt forced to have sex with him. According to the complaint, Meera proposed marriage the next day. Reddy declined and said they should break up.

The one night stand didn’t sit well with Reddy’s former flame, who continued to pursue him with messages on WhatsApp until he blocked her, the Mirror reported. This led Meera to file the complaint, which led to Reddy’s arrest.

He is currently in custody awaiting a court hearing, police officials told the Mirror.

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“Our relationship was just one month old. When I met him on Tinder, the accused pretended to be nice and decent but he just wanted a physical relationship with me and had no feelings for me,” Meera told the Mirror in an interview. “After we had consummated our relationship at his apartment, he said that I forced him to do so. It was he who forced me to sleep with him instead.”

“When I proposed marriage, he just declined my proposal saying that he was not ready for commitment and also told me not meet him in the future,” she added.

Meera claimed she “had no other option but to file a complaint against him at the police station” declaring that women “should not be used as a source of physical pleasure.”

Indian rape law controversy

India’s Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that consenting sex between two adults can be rape if a man goes back on his promise to marry the woman. Last year, a New Delhi man’s long-term girlfriend relied on the law to accuse her boyfriend of rape, even though they’d been having consensual sex for more than a year.

According to the BBC, government crime data shows reports of more than 10,000 such cases in 2016 alone. In 2015, more than 7,000 similar cases were prosecuted.

But some say the country’s laws go too far, arguing that government shouldn’t be involved regulating intimate relationships. Justice Pratibha Rani of the Delhi High Court said in 2017 that some women use the country’s strict laws for a “vendetta” after a relationship goes south.

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The controversy over the Indian law echoes similar circumstances in America, where some say that the country’s legal system is slanted to favor women in cases of divorce and child custody.

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