Incredibly Sad Video Shows Mother Pushing Left-Wing Gender Ideology on Her Son – Opinion

The perverse effects of woke gender ideology, including the idea that boys and girls aren’t distinct, were on full display in a recently promoted video of a mother pushing cross-dressing on her son.

“Libs of TikTok,” a heavily targeted Twitter account, posted videos that expose Critical Race Theory, left-wing gender theory and other controversial content. “This is one of the saddest videos I’ve ever seen,” the caption reads, and as a fair warning, it is uncomfortable to watch for reasons I’ll expound on.

If you watch the video, what you’ll hear is the mother assert several times that all of this is the child’s idea. She says that he “picked” the dress out and that he likes sequins and “shiny things.” That’s a common occurrence in these scenes, with the parent seemingly trying to reassure the online audience that they are a bystander, only affirming the decisions their child has made. Putting aside how crazy it is to let small children make their own decisions on such matters, it’s clear that’s not what’s happening here.

Throughout the video, the mother coaches the son’s responses, not only about his supposed love of dresses and other girls’ clothing but also about gender ideology in general. She cites a book called “My Shadow is Pink,” and confidently asserts that there’s no such thing as gender-specific clothing. In one of the most disturbing parts of the exchange, she actually challenges the boy to “decide” whether he wants to be his “real you” or not, rejecting his concerns about wearing a dress to school. Further, she’s filming him in a dressing room, which is supposed to be a private space. That’s depraved.

And, of course, super-imposed over the video is a claim by the mother that this is only a “tiny blip” of the conversation. Let’s say that’s true, and I doubt it is, but if it is, why post this online if you know it’s lacking context? It’s not worth posting and exposing your child to such scrutiny. Why embarrass him in this way, when he’s already said he’s not comfortable wearing a dress to school? Clearly, he’s not going to be comfortable wearing one on social media for all the world to see.

My opinion is that the answer to this question is very simple. Woke parents only care about affirming the beliefs of their children. To live the ideologies they wish to have accepted in society, these parents use their children to create blank canvases. All the while, they’ve convinced themselves that this makes them “open-minded” and “tolerant.” In truth, they are doing their children a great disservice. Whether it’s technically child abuse or not under the law, I find it morally repugnant, and worthy of rebuke.

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