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1997 Document Appears to Shatter Omar’s Explanation for Why Her Husband and Dad Have Same Name

Rep. Ilhan Omar has denied that she deleted a tweet as part of an effort to hide her alleged marriage to her brother. But the congresswoman’s alternative explanation seems to be contradicted by the evidence.

The Minnesota Democrat removed the 2013 post from her Twitter account early Tuesday morning. The previous evening, Shaikh Tawhidi, who goes by the “Imam of Peace,” resurfaced the tweet and noted that it apparently revealed that Omar’s father has the same name as her ex-husband.

He deemed the tweet proof of longstanding allegations that Omar’s second husband, a British citizen named Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, is her brother and that she married him to help him fraudulently gain a U.S. green card.

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“You married your brother,” Tawhidi concluded.

In Omar’s tweet, which was preserved by some conservatives before it was deleted, she wished a “Happy Father’s Day” to “the best father,” whom she referred to as “Nur Said.” The tweet linked to an Instagram post that had previously been deleted.

Omar, a Somali-American immigrant, was born in Somalia before taking refuge in the United States with her family in the 1990s. According to The St. Cloud Times, Somali children are usually given their father’s first name as a middle name and their father’s father’s first name as a last name.

However, later Tuesday, New York Post reporter Jonathan Levin tweeted a statement from Omar’s spokesperson saying that she had not deleted the Father’s Day tweet for the “disturbing and hateful reasons that are being implied by conspiracy theorists.” Rather, the unnamed spokesperson claimed that the tweet had to be taken down because it attracted too many “vile” replies.

The spokesperson also said that Nur Said is not the name of Omar’s father but rather a nickname he has had since childhood. No mention was made of what Omar’s father’s real name is if not Nur Said.

Skeptics pointed out that a woman who is allegedly Omar’s sister, Leila Elmi, listed her father‘s name as Nur Said Elmi on a 1997 marriage certificate.

Also, the one person whom Omar has publicly recognized as her sibling in America, Sahra Noor, has identified Amhed Nur Said as her father, according to screenshots published in 2016 by Alpha News’ Preya Samsundar.

Ilhan Omar refuses to explain much about her brother or her father

Omar has for years dismissed allegations that her second husband, a British citizen named Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, is her brother and that she married him to help him fraudulently gain a U.S. green card.

During Omar’s first run for the Minnesota state house in 2016, conservative bloggers published a screen shot of a 2012 Instagram post in which Elmi appeared to refer to Omar’s third child as his “niece.” Reporters have since dug up numerous public documents that suggest she and her first husband, Ahmed Hirsi, continued living together and being romantically involved while she was legally married to Elmi.

In 2017, Omar got a no-fault divorce from Elmi by swearing under oath that she had not been in touch with him for years and had no way to contact him. But screen shots of social media posts, including the one from the Instagram, and other evidence suggests she was lying. She also claimed that she had tried and failed to contact Elmi, although he has social media accounts under his own name.

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Omar remarried Hirsi in 2018, this time legally as opposed to only under Islamic law like the first time.

She has refused to provide a clear explanation for the discrepancies in her marriage history, suggesting that she is being targeted as a Muslim woman. But no news outlet has been able to verify the authenticity of Elmi’s social media accounts, which have since been deleted, or to find solid evidence that he is Omar’s brother.

Earlier this month, the Post reported that Hirsi filed for divorce from Omar following reports that she was having an affair with a political consultant for her 2018 congressional campaign.

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