How Women’s Sports Need to Change

As fun and exciting sports have become a part of our culture in today’s society, at the same time, they are big business. A growing trend in popularity and viewing is the increase in demand for these shows. women’s sports Take a look at the following statistics:

  • 66% of fans are interested in at least one women’s sport*
  • 84% of sports fans are interested in women’s sports
  • Only 49% are women and 51% are men sports fans
  •  Last year, young women (18-34) increased MLB viewership by 83%
  • According to the Olympic Channel, 56% of their audience is made up by women
  • Viewership of women’s content is 16% higher than men’s sports

Even with increased fan interest, the gender pay gap for female athletes is huge.

  • Average earnings for professional female athletes is 63% compared with their male counterparts
  • WNBA and NBA players bring home less than 23%
  • Women made up 40% last year of all sportspersons, but only 4% received sports media coverage
  • A meager 0.4% of sponsorship dollars go to women’s sports

In the video deep dive below, learn more about how you can advocate for greater equality in professional female athletes’ pay.

The Business of Women

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