How to Support a Friend Studying for the Bar Exam

How to Support a Friend Studying for the Bar Exam

Studying for the bar exam is a taxing process, testing both the patience and commitment of aspiring lawyers. As much as law students have to stand on their own two feet, they can certainly benefit from the support of family and friends.

If you know someone who is struggling with the studying process, there’s plenty you can do to help. Consider these ideas if you want to give your friend the boost they need as they prepare for their bar exam.

Make Yourself Available

Sometimes, a friend in a difficult situation just needs someone to talk to. If you want to be that someone, then it’s on you to let your friend now that you’re available. Send them a message telling them that you understand how strenuous their study schedule is, and assuring them that you’d be happy to chat whenever they need support.

Lots of people fear showing weakness and are afraid to ask for help. By taking the initiative and reaching out yourself, you’ll provide them with a valuable lifeline for the difficult moments in the studying process.

Learn Their Study Schedule

Most good students develop a rigid studying schedule to keep them on track before a big exam. You should take the time to learn your friend’s schedule so that you can work around it. If you know that your friend studies all morning on Saturday, then avoid inviting them out for breakfast.

Such an invitation would only be a nuisance or distraction, filling the student with sadness at missing out. Instead, ask your friend to meet up just when they’re finished studying. That way, you can cheer them up and take their mind off the bar exam when they’re in need of a mental break.

Talk About The Process On Their Terms

Studying for the bar exam can become all-consuming. Lots of students think about the test night and day, making it difficult to accomplish anything else or even get a good night’s sleep.

If your friend is in this position, they might enjoy talking with you because it offers them a chance to leave the exam behind and focus on other topics they enjoy.

Some students, on the other hand, like to get exam-related issues off their chest by confiding in their friends. If you’re not sure which of these categories your friend fits into, you should leave it to them to bring up the exam. Let them talk about it if they want to, but don’t bombard them with questions when they’d rather talk about anything else.

Offer To Help Them Study

In addition to offering emotional support, you can also help your friend study in a concrete way. Lots of students benefit from being quizzed by a partner. You could be their assistant in this process, even if you’re entirely unfamiliar with the material. Armed with their notes and an eagerness to help, you should be able to test their knowledge and help them review.

Encourage Them To Relax

If your friend is obsessively worried about their upcoming bar exam, then you can help them out by encouraging them to relax. Get them to understand that, while the exam is certainly important, it’s not a matter of life and death.

Make sure they’re taking care of themselves with plenty of breaks. If you see signs of burnout, encourage them to do something fun and relaxing.

Offer Purposeful Distractions

When your friend is consumed by their exam preparations, you should take them to do fun activities that will take their mind off their scholastic concerns. Sometimes, a simple trip to a bowling alley or ice cream stand can be a real lifesaver.

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