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How to Stay Cool without A/C

Say hello to the summer season – this is when you feel the heat. Of course, we live in a world where everything is air-conditioned, but sometimes we need to think about our expenses.


When summer season sets in, homeowners think of different ways to save money. You can’t keep the air conditioner ON for twenty-four hours a day as the bill goes up. The question is – How do you stay cool without A/C?


Read on to find out how you can stay cool without the air-conditioner.


Invest in a Ceiling Fan

There is a never-ending debate on whether ceiling fans are better than air conditioners or not.

Also, people think that ceiling fans are not as stylish and advanced as air-conditioners. That’s not true! Ceiling fans are now available in different designs and exciting features.


Once you install ceiling fans, you will find that the electricity cost reduces considerably.


Staying Hydrated

If you do not have the luxury of switching on the air conditioner for hours, drink up lots of water. Water keeps you hydrated, and you do not feel the burn.


It does not matter how cold or warm the water is. Ideally, drink room temperature water. But, if you wish to cool down instantly, drink up a glass of cold water.


Taking a Long and Cold Shower

You don’t have to waste water per se. Take a shower if you feel the heat. In case you have a swimming pool membership, use that to cool down in the summer season.


In case you want to feel cold and happy, use peppermint soap. It gives you a cold sensation once you bathe with it.


Closing the Windows to Keep the Rooms Cool

If you live somewhere that gets plenty of sunlight, then try keeping the curtains and windows closed.


This way, extra heat will not get inside the room. You will feel cooler and happier!

Fortunately, there are blackout curtains available for installation.


Sleeping on Light Cotton Bedding

Don’t spread a fabric on your bed that makes you feel itchy and hot. Opt for bedding, which comes in cotton. You can also choose any light bedding to feel comfortable on the bed.

Ideally, choose lighter colors too.


Sleeping in the Basement for a Change

The basement is cooler as compared to the rest of the bedrooms. It does not get sunlight and stays cold.


If you feel hot inside the bedroom, consider installing ceiling fans in the basement and making a cozy space to sleep.


Homeowners transform their basements into a storage space or even a guest room. Make sure you have installed good-quality fans here. The air conditioner is not required as the basement stays cold even during the summer season.


Frozen Treats for the Sweaty Soul

So, you feel hot all the time, but you don’t want to turn on the air conditioner. Yes, we try to find so many ways to save money.


How about enjoying frozen treats? It does not have to be something with extra calories. Just freeze the orange juice and put a stick inside it. Let it frost! When you feel hot, just use this frozen treat to get relief.


Concluding Thoughts


Summer season can be excruciating, especially for those people who live in countries that get too much sunlight. If you are troubled with the extensive electricity bills and want to save up extra bucks, consider installing a ceiling fan.


It is a myth that ceiling fans look old-school. Check out the varied designs and pick the best one. You could get a ceiling fan with remote control and LED lights too.

Make sure you pick the best!




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