How The FDA Is Changing Our Culture

The FDA is here to keep us safe. We can all assume that from the start, but some of the different mandates and allowances that they’ve been promoting seem a little odd. After returning from a trip to Germany it was apparent to me the differences in diet between there and here. If America has one of the largest obesity rates and percentages in the world, why is it that some foods here are legal and some aren’t? Today we’ll talk about a couple of the differences that I noticed and how the FDA is changing the American culture either for the better or the worse.

1. CBD oil and Kratom. 

If you’ve never heard of these two supplements that’s ok. CBD oil comes from the Cannabis plant and is a depressant. Naturally it doesn’t seem that is has any negative side effects when used. This oil is required to have a THC level of less than .3% and therefore nullifies the intoxicating features found in cannabis when used recreationally. However, it does allow the user to feel the other effects of cannabis. This includes relaxation of the body and mind. Kratom does the exact opposite. 

It’s a natural herb that comes from Malaysia and acts as an accelerant. It helps the body to perform under stress and increases the brain activity of the user. It is also used as a pain reliever and therefore is used by many athletes when they’re in their performance matches. Both are FDA approved and legal federally. Although some states aren’t supportive of CBD oil still, they are beginning to play larger parts in the American culture. CBD oil for sale is quite easy to find and can be ordered from almost anywhere. Kratom usually can be found locally but specific types of this supplement like Bali Kratom can be ordered online.

2. Quark. 

I had never heard of this substance before going to Germany. Quark is a type of yogurt that is incredibly high in protein. Many body builders and people looking to put on mass will use this substance around the world, however it’s not allowed in the United States because the FDA has ruled it as too bacterial. The margin that it missed the cut off was by 1%. Whether this product would make a big difference in your life, I don’t know, but it could potentially make a different for our athletes and body builders.

3. Chocolate. 

Any swiss or german chocolate that we have in the states is not the same as that in their home countries. The melting point is different. The FDA specified that any chocolate that is to be sold in the United States has to meet a certain melting point. Our melting point is substantially higher than that of other countries. Because of this, wax needs to be added to the chocolate to keep it from melting. That’s why other chocolates from around the world have a richer taste and melt in your mouth quicker.

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