How Fashion Nova’s Men’s Clothing Line Has Brought More People to the Brand in 2 Years

Fashion Nova is a California-based fast-fashion brand that has experienced rapid growth over the years.

The company that started as a clubwear store in Panorama Mall, Los Angeles, has now grown to have five brick-and-mortar stores. Its rapid growth has been studied by various people trying to understand how they utilized technology to gain their followers.

But that’s not what we’ll be looking at in this article.

Fashion Nova’s diversity has contributed massively to its growth. The company started with the production of clothes for women and then moved to men. Here, we’ll be looking at how Fashion Nova’s men’s clothing line has brought more people to the brand in only 2 years since its launch.

Before we go into that, let’s take a brief look at the history of Fashion Nova before the men’s clothing line launch.

History of Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova was founded by Richard Saghian in 2006. However, it didn’t become popular until 7 years later when Saghian decided to move the store online.

Saghian discovered that many people were making much more than he did just by selling the same types of fashion items online.

So, he waited till his Instagram account reached 60k followers before launching. The store sold out that weekend.

Initially, the company produced clothes only for women, selling in-expensive clubwear attire. Then, it expanded to selling other types of fashion items to women.

Fashion Nova’s CEO listened to its customers about what they wanted. In 2016, the brand launched the Curve Collection, a line targeted towards curvy and plus-sized ladies. This launch garnered so much praise from the customers and resulted in millions of people buying from the Curve Collection since then.

Two years later, in 2018, the company extended its production to create a men’s line. Here’s how the men’s clothing line brought more customers to the brand.

How the Men’s Line Has Brought More Customers to the Brand

It’s been only 2 years since the launch of the men’s line, and the Instagram page has already gotten 2.5 million followers. These are people who love the pieces in the collection and love to receive updates immediately after a new piece drops.

1.      Inclusive to All Men

What do we mean by ‘all men’ here?

Fashion Nova is known for producing affordable clothing. This affordability is why the brand has so many customers.

Gen Z shoppers, for example, want to buy quality clothes online, but at very affordable prices.

In this social media era, people don’t want to be seen wearing the same clothes all the time. They are Instagram influencers, and they want to show off their huge variety of clothes every day. Both men and ladies feel this way, and the brand has been able to satisfy them.

Moreover, apart from showing off on Instagram, people just want to look good wearing what they like and what is comfortable.

Fashion Nova satisfies the customers by ensuring that all the clothes are affordable. Almost every man (if not everyone) can purchase fashion items on the site because nothing costs more than $45.

This price range is more affordable than all other fast-fashion brands.

Shoppers can now enjoy the same benefits the women have been enjoying for several years.

According to Richard Saghian, the men’s line vibe reflects the brand’s ethos. It is confident, edgy, and a bit risk-taking.

Many men have been able to identify their favorite pieces in the variety of clothing available in the collection.

2.      A wide variety of products

Now, we know that many men do not shop for clothes as frequently as women do. Even though some like to have new clothes in their wardrobes, they just don’t change them so often.

To pull more customers to the brand, Fashion Nova has a huge variety of products in the men’s line.

You won’t only find jean jackets, khakis, shoes, sweats, and shorts. You’ll also find items that men would likely buy frequently. These items include accessories like chain necklaces and sunglasses and grooming products like beard oil.

So, as women are shopping on the site, the men are also shopping. There are several couples on Instagram that have become Fashion Nova influencers. Both partners rock Fashion Nova pieces to their Instagram followers and encourage more people to try these products.

3.      Discounts

The discounts on the Fashion Nova site are not only for women. Men also enjoy shopping on the fast-fashion site because even though the items there are more affordable than other brands, they can still get them at lower prices.

These days, people are not trying to spend all their fortune on what they wear even though they still want to look good. Trends change so fast, and brands like Fashion Nova helps the customers to always stay on the trends.

When a trend dies, they change their wardrobe again, but this time, they don’t have to spend all the money in their pockets to do so.

Just like with most other stores, Fashion Nova also has periods where items are put on sale. Customers can get them for half the price they normally would. This is great, as men can help themselves to whatever products they want during those periods.

Apart from Fashion Nova for women (of all sizes) and men, Fashion Nova has also launched a collection for kids. So, the entire family can rock Fashion Nova’s trending pieces and not have to spend so much money on clothes anymore. 

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