How CBD Oil Helped My Truckie Father Overcome His Chronic Back Pains

My father is a long haul truck driver in Australia. Unfortunately, his profession has brought him health issues such as hypertension and chronic back problems, to name a few. However, fortunately, our family started to do research on back pain relief medicine and were recommended CBD Oil by a family friend. We will be discussing our experience in buying CBD Oil online and how it has made an impact on my father’s health issues.

As a truck driver in Australia, my father, now in his 50s, has had his fair share of health issues – physical and mental. He has had to deal with back problems, hypertension and multiple years of mental strain from loneliness on the road, being far from his family and the pressure of meeting deadlines. Out of all the health issues, in the past year, his back pains worsened, a trip to a chiropractor for spinal adjustment proved futile as he had to go back to his long haul trips across Australia. Not long after, his back pains came around and a visit to a general practitioner ensued. It resulted in opioid painkillers to be prescribed for my father, which honestly, we were not too happy about.

As a result, my worried Mother and I went to research for a natural alternative, in hopes that my father would not have to deal with long term effects or any potential addiction. We started our investigation online and discovered CBD Oil or Cannabidiol and by sheer coincidence, we discussed the matter with family friends who have had previous positive experience with CBD Oil. Himself a tradie, a roofer to be exact, he also had to deal with lower back issues and used CBD oil to treat the pain. Results proved beneficial as it brought pain relief which allowed him to completely end the use of painkillers. Naturally, we went on to search online and came across informative articles from (CBD Oil Australia). It directed us to scientific research done on CBD used to treat chronic pain. The result in this research proved encouraging as it was established that the majority of participants (59%) showed pain relief and 53.7% reduced their opioid pain medications. 

Furthermore, we were then confident of the benefits of CBD oil and it was time to find the right brand to purchase. On the CBD Oil Australia web page, there were 3 brands showcased and we chose to try out Lullaby from Lullaby Luxury. The reason we chose this particular Australian online CBD Oil brand:

  • Their CBD oil is Full Spectrum which is the whole hemp plant extract with a dosage of 25mg. Most research has been done on Full Spectrum type with 25mg of dosage – we feel more confident in trying this type of CBD oil.
  • It’s organic, no additives or preservatives.
  • Certificates of lab reports and ISO safety standards.
  • Our family is based in New South Wales state in Australia and the brand ships from Sydney, why order from the other side of the world if we can get it here in Australia, mind the carbon footprint!
  • The Lullaby Luxury website is user friendly, I was impressed it was that easy for my mother in her 50s to navigate and purchase on her own.
  • CBD Does not affect his cognitive ability to drive.

After 4 weeks of continuous use of CBD Oil, our family was really pleased with the results as my father started to show signs of pain relief on his back. He was able to completely ditch the painkillers and keep CBD oil with him for his travels and yes; it is safe and legal to use CBD Oil while driving here in Australia.

Finally, for safe use and more information on CBD oil, on how to use it and where to purchase, we recommend you to do some more research and get information from CBD Oil Australia as this website answered most of our questions helping our family, especially my father. We hope that our journey can be of service to other families suffering with similar issues, especially to the fathers out there who are supporting their families with their backs!

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