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How Catholicism Helps Shape Us

One of the purposes of religion is to safeguard and communicate the morality of civilization. The cultural norms and practices of a culture are largely transmitted through religious practices. Throughout the history of Western civilization, from the 4th century CE with Constantine to the current age, various cultures have relied on the Holy Roman Church to teach, lead and exhort the flock to pursue higher levels of love, compassion, and care for each other. To facilitate the Church’s message, God has called women and men to lead lives of piety and Godly example. In the current age, there are so many voices fighting for attention and acceptance. The last few years have been critically discordant in the bombardment of information from all corners. Because of this, it is important to find a path or way in which to have confidence. “For if the trumpet gives an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for the battle?”(1 Cor. 14:8). The Catholic Church provides the message of truth in this tumultuous time. The Catholic Church continues to provide guidance and hope for the current age.

There are religious leaders, such as Father George Rutler, who provide clear, conservative counsel. Rutler is a strong, resilient Catholic voice reaching out to the faithful of not only New York City, but also the world. He has used the EWTN broadcasts to spread his message to the world. He is also a prolific author who is not afraid to preach the gospel of the Savior, Jesus Christ, in a confusing world. He speaks with faith as well as reason, acting as a kindly shepherd to his flock. His is a voice to clear away the ideological tangle existing in the world today.

He has been a constant proponent for men and women to stand up for those principles which define a civilization’s goodness. Catholicism provides so many opportunities to make a difference in this world. The Church always works to shape congregants to be more like Christ and His love. In parishes everywhere, there are opportunities to lift the poor, the ill, and the downtrodden. People may volunteer their time and abilities. There are so many needs in this world. Sometimes it can appear to be daunting, yet with each selfless contribution, the world can be improved. Lives are shaped by the chances to contribute as much as one can to be an influence in the life of another soul. Whether someone volunteers dollars or deeds, the world needs people shaped in the image of Christ. The Church plays an integral part in both the spiritual development and the development of others. And the important component to remember is the Church cannot accomplish this lifting labor without the helping hands of fellow Catholics. Father George Rutler believes this world needs Catholics who are willing to shape and be shaped on the mortal path.

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