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How Can You Claim Compensation If You Were Involved in a Pedestrian Accident?

According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 6,500 pedestrians were killed on highways and streets in the United States, a 30-year high. Close to 55,000 people sustained injuries, highlighting the ever-present dangers that pedestrians face when walking alongside roads.

Pedestrian accidents commonly occur at intersections, on crosswalks, along highways, in parking lots, and in other areas where there are both people and cars. If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, you may be able to seek justice and compensation from the at-fault party.

In this blog post, we will highlight what you need to know about claiming compensation after a pedestrian vehicle accident. Let’s get started.

Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Car Accident

There are a number of steps that you should take immediately following the accident that will protect both your health and your legal rights. The first step is to call 911 if you or anyone else requires immediate medical attention.

If you are in a position to do so, exchange information and contact information with the driver of the vehicle that hit you. At the scene of the accident, remember to never discuss who or what may have caused the accident.

It is essential that the police are notified of the accident and brought to the scene. The police report will play an important role in determining who was at fault for the accident.

If you are able, take photographic evidence of the accident scene, any damage to the vehicle that struck you, and of your own injuries. If there were any witnesses, collect their names and contact information.

What Are Your Legal Options?

In most cases following a car pedestrian accident, the driver of the car will be considered at fault. This is because drivers are required to be alert to what is around them and take reasonable steps to avoid hitting anything or anyone while driving. The at-fault driver’s car insurance will cover the losses related to the accident in most cases.

In some cases, the accident may have been caused by failures by the state or local government. For instance, there may have been failures of traffic control devices (i.e. traffic lights). In these cases, the injured party may seek compensation from the relevant entity.

In every instance, we recommend that you hire a qualified pedestrian accident lawyer to help with your claim. A lawyer will help with the following steps:

  • Communicating with the insurer of the at-fault party
  • Obtaining evidence with respect to fault
  • Organizing medical bills and records
  • Presenting evidence to provide damages and liability
  • Negotiating a satisfactory settlement

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Claim Compensation After a Pedestrian Accident

The above information will help you to navigate the aftermath of a pedestrian car accident. To get the support you need, always partner with an experienced attorney.

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