How Are Sliding Doors Attractive?


Today, many practical solutions have been developed for spacious and small rooms. There is a great demand for sliding interior doors, which allow you to separate and isolate the space of different areas of the house. They are actively used in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, dressing room. A large selection of these items is offered by the door shop. There, you can find a suitable option for the price, color and size.

Main types

All models are divided into several large groups based on the following criteria:

  • constructional features;
  • manufacturing material;
  • degree of automation.

There are several subgroups included in each group, among other things. The range of sliding doors is numerous, which makes it possible to choose the optimal model that will fit perfectly into the room and will look harmonious in the interior. By design, doors are divided into sliding-folding and parallel-sliding.

Another important parameter, which is used to classify sliding doors is the material of manufacture. The most popular ones include wood, impact-resistant glass and MDF.

Sliding doors are divided into groups according to their degree of automation. There are manual and automatic doors. The first are opened by physical action, the second are activated by a special infrared sensor.

Key advantages

These doors have a lot of advantages over the usual hinged doors. The key strengths include:

  • space saving – such items make it possible to use all the space in the room;
  • safety – if there is a small child in the family, you do not have to worry about hitting the door frame;
  • aesthetic factor – who does not want to enjoy an elegant door leaf in their home or at work? In addition, sliding doors can be chosen according to different interior design styles.

In addition, these constructions give an excellent opportunity to automatically open and close the door, if such a mechanism is installed.

In modern interiors, the interior door serves more as a design detail than as an insulating door. Sliding doors cope with this task perfectly. They can be used as an accent or harmonize with the furniture and the floor, supporting the overall style of the room and zoning the space, highlighting one part of it and hiding the other. You can find them at, where it is possible to choose a model that will help make one room a guest room, a bedroom, or divide a large kitchen into separate zones.

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